Champions League 2018/19


2-1 to united now. Mata and an OG. Looks like Maureen got his subs right!


Lump on United …

City are so like Dublin in many ways.


Clean sweep for the English teams this week.


Liverpool annexed by Wales?


United and City will go through, liverpool a bit of a lottery and spurs will struggle



Jose won’t be pulling any of that shit at the weekend. Hopefully City slaughter them.


Forgot - had presumed they won after the 4-0 last time!


No by Ireland…The city of Liverpool is more Irish than Dublin sure…:wink: sorry couldn’t resist


Yeah… and with all the immigrants (be they good or bad) living in out city, we still find enough natives to win four-in-a-row! :wink:


I’d have been embarrassed scoring that penalty.


Is it the way you kick or the way you run up?


No… my arse looking huge in those shorts.


Historic night for Club Brugge winning away in France and we may of found a goalkeeper to for the USA.


Where’ve you been?? Dudelange bubble burst all banks? Sinking tide stranding all boats?


Like Robbie Kiely I was given a black card.


Ahh. For what, supporting Travellers’ rights and the Republicans? Fair enough, confusion is a crime of consciousness.
Anyway you were missed. Or possibly mist


No, people still think I’ve made up my identity so I don’t know.


So, you’re real name is Ohm?


No my real name is Sean. I’ve said that before like 3 times.