Champions League 2018/19


Harry Kane really beginning to look like the player I always thought him to be.

How long more is Poch going to allow his stock to fall …


Watching Barca V Inter… 0-0 but bloody brilliant football in it.


I hope he’s only on temporary leave from Sky.

Still, if all else fails, he might get a gig here…


One of the greatest I ever saw in the flesh, a joy to watch, but a terrible pundit and looks like an even worse manager! Though Monaco are a club in trouble it would seem. They were poor before he got there, so maybe not the best yardstick


Trent Sainsbury on … thought that was a supermarket in Nottingham …


Harry to the rescue !


The Midas touch there bud!


As da man said, “every lidl helps”.


It’s exactly like I said! Outstanding performance - fantastic winner.


Good person @DUB09


13 goals in 14 CL appearances.
150th goal for spurs tonight in 227 appearances.

That’ll do Harry.
That’ll do.


He was doin naffink until I eulogised him. The goals he gets are incredible.


And he’s a good citizen as well.


Jealous envy or there is no smoke without fire? Discuss.

Personally myself, I find it hard to see how Man City and PSG comply with UEFA Fair Play rules. Real Madrid, also, to a lesser extent.


They’re making a mockery of FFP


Fair Play rules are a pile of poo and UEFA know that.

United under Ferguson were always the epitome of fair play …

33 goals in 11 games … fair play to them.


Bizarre peno for City! Unbelievable …


Terrific strike by Ronaldo, DeGea didn’t even see it!


Some on here talk about the need for tiered competition in GAA, but sone teams in this are way out of their depth


Leave Man Utd out of this.

UEFA far more likely to increase teams that cut them …$$$$$$