Champions League 2018/19


Teams who finish 3rd do get a place in the Europa league or are you being sarcastic!!


PSV spent more money pre-season than Tottenham. So did I. A shaky keeper doesn’t help …, huh? Who’d have known. Do you think the keeper’s shakiness cost them that game? Was he cold do you think or is it the early onset of something?


Didn’t know that, haven’t followed it much in years. Makes sense


Yep, I reckon giving the cup winners in domestic competitions a place in the champions league would be good too, rather then the fourth place team in the big leagues. Make for more interest in the cup.


Agree but the domestic cup has two strong incentives, the cup itself and the Europa league spot. Fourth in the league (in the very top leagues) only has Champions League or Europa League as incentive. But the domestic cup would benefit much more from a Champions League incentive. Is it that the domestic cups are not covered wholly by Sky?


Tottenham are taking this Brexit lark seriously.


He always has been.


Monaco 3-0 down at home to club Bruges after 40 mins. Henry managerial career off to a dreadful start and do we feel sorry for him …


Liverpool 2 nil down and playing awful. Season could go downhill fast.


A tad dramatic , no :thinking:


Realt Dearg going well.


They haven’t played well since before the napoli game. Not clicking up front yet


3 wins in 9…you look at what city are doing to teams and people are talking about Liverpool possibly winning the league…


Fair play to the genius who tweeted this earlier this afternoon …



And still tied for second in the league . Not bad for a team off the boil .


No, they’re 3rd, not tied for 2nd.


Jayus @Rochey , following me around like a puppy :joy:




Well either the team start clicking or the style of play continues and results starts going wrong in the league.


UEFA at least have that right … not a sign of a shagging poppy.