Champions League 2018/19


God @Bosco you’re beginning to sound like an Arsenal fan. And look what happened to them.


Take that back


I think spurs will struggle in the short to medium term on the field. The new stadium will set them up financially eventually but look at arsenal since they moved and they are a bigger, more successful club than spurs.


That’s all I said … :wink:


But it’s just not the same without Jason Orange.


I think Arsenal will become the dominant team in England in 3 years time. There I said it. Again


What’s that based on?


A hunchback. And I think their club is in a better state than most, they have come through what have been relatively lean years following their last golden era in rude health. Get the right coach, I think if they can hold onto most of their best upcoming talent they will drive on.


Not a hope.

They will be lucky to stay close to the top 4 as simply they won’t spend money on players.


If they can get Top 4, they will be in a position to attract top players. It will then be whether the board wouldn’t spend the money (that was/is there) or if Wenger wouldn’t spend it.


I think Brian Cowen will forge a lucrative career as a male model.


That will need to change somewhat for sure, and it might, but I think most of all they need to get a great crop of development squad talent, plus scouts and a manager who spot great bargains.


Agreed. I don’t know the ins and outs, I suspect the board wanted to keep it steady til the ground debts payed off, whilst knowing that Wenger would keep them competitive enough with the odd trophy, thereby forming a very good basis to push on when the time is right.


United defence is shocking. Could be a couple more here for Juve …


Ronaldo hanging out on the left a lot more than he did for real . Wonder how much Madrid knew that there was the possibility Ronaldo May face a court case in the USA ? They let him go easily enough.


United getting schooled by Juve. Blessed to be just one down. Very enjoyable.

ps City 2-0 up in Donetsk.


Utd are shit , no fun watching them get bet ( well it is but not as much as it was when Ferguson was there). Juve have had chances and are far the better team bar cuadrado who couldn’t hit a decent pass to save his life.


€100m for a 33 year old was mutually beneficial I’d have thought.


I’m not sure if this is connected …


But if Real had an idea that Ronaldo was going to have a rape accusation and possible court case hanging over him. And they played dumb and took Juve for 100 millioneuro. Can he be extradited to the states if charges are brought against him. That’s him finished , some sponsors are starting to distance themselves from him. Presume Juve reckoned they would recoup the fee easily enough. But if the accusations don t go away real be happy to have got rid of him and banked the money.