Champions' League 2017


Other teams would still have a bigger draw .Only a decent tie like a Celtic home game would be chosen .Sure , look , well see what they show in two weeks time & judge it then .


Had to be subbed off because it was too loud in the stadium :astonished:


So explain again how TV3 pick matches to screen? Maribor v Liverpool - ffs! Meanwhile Spurs are in the Bernabeu and free scoring Man City entertain Napoli??? Double ffs! Some knob in Ballymount needs his P45 …


Do BT get first choice?


I’m sure it must be something like that. I was asking before on here and got lots of half cocked answers - none of which suggested any first pick scenario …


What BT choose has no relevance what so ever in regards to Ireland .They have a pick of the games on each of their channels if you are subscribed .
They cater to the English market first & foremost , we just piggy back over here .


Was a strange choice - especially when the last round they showed Dortmund and Madrid instead of the English teams that night.


Do Eir Sport have any say in it or is it just a choice by TV3 bosses to show whatever game they choose?


Another match night to prove my point that the Groups Stages should be the last 16 and not the last 32. Bore fest.


Considering Eir is a subscription I doubt it .I’m not sure if tv3 and rte are alternating with the Tuesday / Wednesday coverage but if they are they would pick the games .


Why do RTE continually show the worst and least entertaining English team in the Champions League :roll_eyes:


And a dinger of a game between Chelski and Roma on, too.


Tv3 and RTÉ will prioritise Celtic/manu/Liverpool games because they have the biggest support I suppose.


TV3 showed Dortmund v Real the same night Liverpool played Spartak Moscow. Spurs and City also played that night


Spurs and city are not the big clubs the others are. I’m surprised by the Liverpool match not being a priority but was that kicked off at 745 being in Moscow?


And then showed Liverpool away to the Slovakians - when Real Madrid were playing spurs.


it was 7.45pm Dublin time. Their choice of matches this season has been baffling …


Suppose with 6 British teams in the group stages, it would be hard to see chelsea getting a look in with united and celtic (even though celtic take a battering) - Liverpool will normally be shown, but in city and spurs you have two decent attacking teams that the neutral would enjoy watching


Indeed. And there are also a lot of early teen kids who are supporting City since their recent successes in much the same way as grumpy old baxteds like me support Leeds since they won the Cup in 1972 …


Its gas people assuming they automatically have to show cl games involving EPL teams .They are varying the matches which is a good thing . I certainly don’t want to be seeing Chelsea, city , 'pool , man u , Celtic or spurs week in week out .