Champions' League 2017


I remember Terry outside Thriftys selling the Mons lotto most days and recruiting players, he was a pure gent.

I played for all 3 soccer clubs in Edenmore :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I think Monica’s were one of the first, if not THE first, to introduce a club lotto in Ireland.


Honestly never knew that Shankly said that, there you go! I’ll use it less now because I’m a real Gael :zipper_mouth_face:


Probably so , I still believe they choose the games which will generate the highest viewership . I do also believe that man utd are probably the most supported epl team in the country .Kids follow successful teams so I’d say there has been a big swing between kids supporting man utd over the last 25 years opposed to Liverpool . I would imagine they choose the games when the fixtures are released so rte & tv3 get a share of the top games .
There’s often a week when there’s a poor lineup on either stations .


Fixed that for you.




I’d be amazed to think they would get higher viewership figures for a Real game over a Liverpool one.


Well youd also have fans of other teams & neutrals who would like to watch Real .They could easily out number Liverpool fans .Your also forgetting the Ronaldo link , lots of Man u fans will follow them because of him .


Nah a lot of people would prefer to watch the English team I reckon - especially the over 40s - used to it all their lives. And Liverpool have a sizeable following here too.


I think this shows your out of touch with their demographic & viewing audience .I think well agree to disagree on this one !


Yes I’m out of touch … Sound. Thanks for that.


Us lounge boys are more tuned into these things than ye old codgers :joy::joy:


I’ll come back to you for the apology when we see the figures … :wink:

Meanwhile I’ll have a G&T and a Pimms No. 1 …


Therell be no apology forthcoming considering im almost hitting 40 myself :wink:


Feckin nipper.


Next door neighbour to my grandparents, what a gentleman he is.


100%. Still going strong.


I would have thought Man Utd were chosen over Liverpool because Man Utd are still considered a more serious force, even after some relatively fallow years, than Liverpool are. People want to see the teams that look like really competing for honours, or at least making it out of the group. The perception is that’s more likely to be MU.


Exactly , its not just about the EPL teams that attracts viewers .


Celtic have a huge following in Ireland, yet…?