Champions' League 2017


Agree but it was still really audacious of B to try it. And all keepers throw the ball out with players right up close to them at times, or they used to, maybe the rules have changed? B wasn’t even all that close. If I’m a keeper and B is jogging along like that, possibly slightly in my blind spot too, I just would never think he could make that sudden stretch, and so cooly done. It’s when the keeper is under pressure, being forced by a player running in, hassling etc, that’s when you think it could happen.


Zidane gone.


Interesting to see who Real bring in. Not many top managers available (Maybe with the exception of Wenger.) Promote from within again ?


Was thinking the very same, I didn’t see that one coming.


Real are gas . How many times have they done this now to a manager who has won them a CL ( twice ).
Is not winning la liga but a CL enough for them .
Wonder was the lack of game time for Bale what caused this , I’d heard the president wasn’t happy about this .


Fair enough, It’ll be interesting to see who replaces him…

but I’d be just as interested as to where he might go?? Chelski, Juve seem logical.
I might have said PSG a few months ago.

Not too many places to go once you’ve done what he has at RM.


Reminds me abit of Pep , anyone would have won what he did with Messi , Xavi & Iniesta in their primes . I think zidane got alot more credit than he deserved considering his cv up to that point .


I had that opinion of Pep until this year. My ould one could have won the leagues he did with Barca and BM, but the way in which City transformed from last year to this, validated his credentials to me…

Re ZZ, you mention his CV up to that point, what point? this was his first job in senior management. He has won 3 CL’s in a row and RM’s first league and CL double in 59 YEARS!! Don’t follow this…
He will need to do it somewhere else to be considered “great”, i agree if that’s what you are saying.


I agree about pep , i think the only blott against him was he couldnt win a CL , or hasnt to date , outside barca .
Yeah , that’s what i mean about zidane been successful elsewhere . He should have been successful at Real considering the squad he had .
Winning 3 CL in a row is pretty hard to top though.


To be fair though, Pep inherited a squad with some serious talent and has since spent almost £400M on top of that.

I’d argue that Sean Dyche getting Burnley in to Europe (along with Arsenal and Chelsea) deserves far greater praise. That is an outstanding achievement and Dyche should have been manager of the year in my opinion.


Pocchentino would be fav Id say


Guardiola’s spending is £365.85m in comparison with Mourinho’s expenditure of £291.3m. For a difference of €74m (half a player) there is some difference in the teams in terms of style, quality of play, entertainment etc.

Pep smashed any amount of records in winning the EPL - and won the Carabao Cup - playing football form the gods. The only deserving winner of the Manager of the Year.


Real Madrid fans are just unbelievably spoilt, Zidane would have been offered a ten year contract at any other club after winning 3 CL in a row. Any chance they’ll lose Ronaldo, Bale and a few others and go into a few years of decline?


hes ok at spurs


Lads , what clubs spend on buying players is nothing compared to what they pay them week in week out. love all the talk of nett spends when city united and Chelsea are paying out £220 m a year in wages


I couldn’t care less about Mourinho, not sure how he is even relevant to my point about Pep or Dyche. My point still stands though, Dyche’s achievement was outstanding on a budget only a fraction of Peps. I won’t be convinced otherwise that he should have been named Manager of the Year.

Pep has his team playing great football, but after spending almost £400M on top of what he already had I don’t see how anybody could expect anything less. And by the way, Liverpool played equally if not better football at times this season and overcame City as you know… we just didn’t have the squad depth to sustain a proper challenge all season.


I see the demise (and I mean REAL demise) on the horizon for Chelsea…
Roman’s visa issues, the lack of real blockbuster signings in recent seasons, compared to the Manchester clubs anyway (yes Kante, but not like the old days when every year a Drogba, Ballack or an Essien would arrive)…and now this…

Is Roman losing interest?
Investment climate as the excuse…since when does that matter to the likes of Abramovich??
Would seem to me that the new stadium would be a requirement to compete on a FFP (sham that it is) basis…


Id say one or the other might be out the gap .
Hard to know which one but considering Ronaldos standing there , I’d put the money on Bale.


Sack Jim Gavin I say!


Bale is out the gap and back to england.