Champions' League 2017


And what did you say?


But this debate started about a player asking for a card that should have been given, it is not the same as diving, diving is pretending something happened and trying to get a player in trouble for it, Messi was asking the ref to apply the rules.


Is Messi a frustrated ref do you think. Does he look at Clattenberg, Kuipers and Rizzoli and think ‘I’d feckin love to be able to do that …’


Wtf is going on with TV and the CL? How come we couldn’t watch City last night but we have to put up with this United CSKA muck tonight? Not even Chelsea. Is there some new ruling on what tv stations can show?

Hard to look at Dunphy without thinking … prick. Calling a whole team gutless.

CSKA 2-1. Chelsea 1-1 and Celtic 2-2.


They choose the games based on what best ratings they expect to get .What game was on terrestrial TV last night ?


Doesn’t make sense then - TV3 showed Real away to Dortmund last night while City, Liverpool and Tottenham were all playing.


Could be something to do with Eir Sport as well .They might have had one of those games on last night as well.


Yeah I reckon they haven’t got carte blanche this year


“City”? Why would you want to watch any of those before the best club team in Europe?


Atletico v Chelsea had the potential to be the most compelling game to watch last night. And so it proved to be. RTE fawn to the masses who would rather watch one-sided demolition jobs so long as Man U or Liverpool are involved.


If they were playing in my back garden, I’d close the curtains. But let’s be honest, they have huge following here and the audience pay the TV licence!


Surely Liverpool have a bigger following that Real yet TV3 only got the Spaniards. There must be a yellow pack package available.


You have to take into account there are people who don’t like or follow GAA . If my family didn’t have gaelic connections I’m not sure I’d have followed it .I was introduced it by brother who in turn was introduced to it by my father .My dad played for St Ronans in Roscommon in the 60’s and had close ties to the Roscommon county team through Gay Shearin. Not one of my pals growing up played Gaelic even though we would have had a choice of Kickhams or Erin’s Isle to join .They would join a soccer club before a Gaelic team .

.I wouldn’t pay into watching a soccer match as I frankly find it boring compared to gaa.I would however watch it on TV but I can’t remember the last time I’d sit down for the 90 minutes to watch it .
I guess it comes down to how you are influenced by your parents or pals into what sports you follow & enjoy .I’d interested to hear how others were introduced to the GAA .


Of course they would be but there is a split between Tuesday & Wednesday night coverage between Tv3 & Rte to show which games .You can watch any game if you are signed up to BT Sports .
I just think they will try & select the most attractive game each night & the Liverpool game certainly wouldn’t fall into that category , I wouldn’t say the man u game last night did either but I think rte definitely have a bias towards utd .But again , they can’t be showing Liverpool or man utd every two weeks , they need a bit if variety .I’m sure some would complain if they were only showing those two teams .


My da would take me to Croker to watch Dublin play, hurling and football. That’s how I got into it. The persistence of people like Terry Monahan and Des O’Neill ensured that there was a GAA outlet for people in Edenmore as well as the efforts within St Malachy’s BNS from Eamon Dowling, Pat Finn and Denis McCarthy. Within the parish of St Monica’s (Edenmore) there were three separate soccer clubs until Edenmore Utd and St Malachy’s amalgamated about 15 years ago. There are still 2 soccer clubs now, Grange Woodbine being the other. It was always, and still is, a soccer area sandwiched in between bigger clubs like Raheny, Vincent’s, Clontarf, to name but three.


I like that you used a Shankly quote to make your point :slightly_smiling_face:


My da never brought me to a dubs match :joy:, dont think he had much gra for them but it was my brother who brought me to games .He was in the same class as Keith Barr & played hurling & gaelic for Erin’s Isle .


At least your auto-correct didn’t come up with gay lick.


Poxy phone :joy:


I presumed their hands were tied but apparently not. Pretty stupid decision IMO. They are not exactly overflowing with viewers and pi55ing off thousands of Irish Liverpool fans is hardly the way to go - and I’m a Leeds fan btw.

They can posture about being the station that shows the best match on the night but when you consider they showed Man Utd v Basel the previous week when Barca were playing Juve then that doesn’t stack up. … maybe it’s a United producer who doesn’t like Scousers. Either way for a station that needs all the help it can get it seems to be a needless O.G.