Champions' League 2017


I wouldn’t disagree with you too much that Robertson is better defending but Marcelo has his merits . He is a skillful attacking player. I think Robertson who I agree with you is a very good player has a bit of way to go before being described as far better than Marcelo.


A defenders first job is to defend. Marcello can’t. Brilliant overlapping … but often a liability because of it.


It got better after the heated moments, but the pace in the first half was really slow. Ref made a balls of it for both teams IMO. Bale should have walked, The images don’t clear up the Sergi Roberto incident, but it didn`t look much. There was a a clear peno on Marcelo by Jordi Alba too.
Bale seems to have a bit of a mad streak in him, in general he is a very clean player, but the odd time he just seems to lose the plot.


Suarez goal was great. Brilliant build up:


Last team to beat real in a European final was alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen side in the cup winners cup final in 1983


John Hewitt and Eric black scored I think. Amazing really what Aberdeen did in Scotland and in Europe. Never really a fan of Ferguson but his achievements with Aberdeen were fantastic. Won t see that repeated too soon.