Champions' League 2017


God knows where United would have been with De Gea these past years. (Apropos of nothing.)


Blessed to have him.




Real have certainly had the harder run .
Beating the champions of France,Italy & Germany in the knockout phase .


Just remembered Toby Alderweireld is out the gap at the end of season . He’d be a good addition to Liverpool .


Disagree completely. As individuals 1 to 11 Real are better in every single position. Liverpool have a good set up and are very fit but Zidane won’t play into their hands like Pep and Roma did in the first legs of their ties. Only one winner for me


Depends on who you want to pitch against who but wouldn’t agree at all. Robertson is a far better LF than Marcello and at least Salah, Mane and van Dyke would be in an combined first XI


The top 3 scores for liverpool in the league have scored 56 between them, Madrid top 3 have only managed 38 between them. Think that gives an idea of which team has the strongest foward line


Ramos and Varane are both better than Van Dijk. Van Dijk wouldn’t get in their side. Marcelo is far better than Robertson. Assenio Ronaldo Benezema are all better players than Mane Salah Firminho. Salah has had an amazing season but it’s one season. Ronaldo has being at this for over a decade now. Even the most deluded Liverpool fan couldn’t put an argument against that. All opinions but there’s not one player at Pool id put ahead of any of the Real players.

Navas beats Karius
Vasquez beats Trent Alexander
Varane beats Lovren
Ramos beats Van Djyk
Marcelo beats Robertson*
Kroos beats Henderson
Modric beats Milner
Casimero beats Wijnaldum
Assenio beats Mane
Benezema probably on a par with Firminio currently
Ronaldo beats Salah.

It all depends on whether Klopps 100 mile an hour heavy metal style can unsettle them but o think Zidane is able for it. He can be very conservative and crafty when needs be.

*Robertson will become a top player but too soon to compare him to Marcelo who is the man for the big occasion.


Two different styles of play as I’ve said in the post above Klopp is 100 miles an hour all attacking. Zidane is more conservative. I don’t think there’s an argument to be had as to what 3 are better attackers though. Ronaldo Assenio and Benzema with Bale off the bench all day long


Hardly any point in Liverpool turning up so. Marcello is possibly one of the worst defenders I have seen. Asensio beats Mane? Not a hope. Benzema on a par with Firmino? Joking are ya as they’d say on Merseyside. You decide to match Ronaldo and Salah - fair enough - but on current form Salah gets the nod there too. Varane may beat Lovren but not van Dyke so I’d switch them to give Liverpool a win there. Keepers are both poor imo.


Benzema doesnt score, only 5 in the league, 4 in the champions and 1 in the cup, that is brutal for a real madrid striker, Asensio has scored less, 6 in the league 1 in the champions and 2 in the cup. On current form the liverpool strikers are way ahead. Still see Madrid as favs due to experience.


You would put Firminio in your team ahead of Assenio?


Salah on current form ahead of Benzema is probably the only pool player getting into that Real side. Real Madrid have won the last two champions leagues. They’re incomparable


Have you seen the post above that one?

Ps it’s my job here to wind up Utd and Liverpool fans


They’re fcukin blessed more like! Standard in the CL in the last couple of years has dipped hugely.


Disagree completely. As I said salah in instead of Benzema is the only Pool player getting into that Real side.


Real may well win but I also disagree completely with most of your posts and opinions about them. La Liga form is more where they’re at IMO.


You gotta love the way some people post their opinions as incontrovertible facts.


Do you think that 6 goals in the league while playing in a team like real Madrid is acceptable? I haven’t seen enough of Liverpool to really judge their players, but their forwards’ stats are far better than Madrids. Strikers are there to score and Madrid’s strikers have not been doing that with the exception of CR7 and even he is way down on other years in the league.There are only two Madrid players in the top 40 goal scorers in the league, Bale and Ron.