Champions' League 2017


Of course they will cause plenty of trouble and could easily destroy Liverpool but as I’ve said Liverpool seem to up their game in big games


Like any good cup team. :wink:


And exactly the reason why they won’t win the league as they aren’t consistent enough in the league.


Need to stop losing to teams from much lower in the league. If nothing else, Klopp has progressed them.
For what it’s worth, I think they should sell Salah in the summer for £200m and buy a playmaker central midfielder, a defensive midfielder and one or two centre-halves. Salah will find it very hard to reproduce this season’s exploits again. Anyone would struggle to do so.


If they’re offered 200 million for him I’d agree


By that rationale, United should have sold De Gea 5 years ago though


When will liverpool stop being a selling club . If they have any intentions about winning the league they’ll need to put a stop to this .


Yeah selling Salah would be wrong on a number of levels. No reason why he can’t repeat it year in year out like great players do. Don’t think he’s a one season wonder. I’d take a good offer for Kane if I was Spurs though. What centre halves would you buy? There aren’t many out there at present.


It’ll be hard to top this year . If they want to win the league they have to hold onto him though . I’ve heard they’ve been trying to get Oblak from Athletico Madrid . Would be a great signing . Keita will be a great addition next season too.
Are there any decent center halves on the market though is the question.


All clubs are selling clubs now though and not just Liverpool.


When was the last time united sold one of their top players ? Ronaldo. You could see De Gea finishing out his career at United .Same with Kane at Spurs .


All the best keepers were English … not now. All the best centre halves were English not now. At least we know they’ll win the World Cup this year


They haven’t had any world class players lately though to get rid of but they have in the past with the likes of Pogba, Stam, Ronaldo,Tevez and Hernandez all getting let go.

De Gea won’t be finishing is his career there.


De Gea has consistently produced it for several seasons, now. Salah has yet to do so. A figure of £200m would be based on what he has produced this season only.

What centre-defenders should they buy? I don’t know but that’s what scouts are for. I am not yet convinced on van Sink just yet.


Out of all those , Ronaldo was the only one not surplus to requirements at the time of the sale .
He wanted out to Real , united wanted to keep him .


Ok what about Di Maria then.

My point still remains that they’ve no loyalty to anyone and all clubs will sell their best players if the price is right.


He was crap .
Ah yeah , i agree . My initial point was if Liverpool have any realistic notions about winning the league they are going to have to hold onto their top players .


“okey dokey, we’ll leave it there so”:wink:


So was Pogba, Platt and Peter Beardsley but they got rid of them and then looked at what happened.


Of course those examples got better when they left. But at the time , the manager didn’t see a future for them at the club .