Champions' League 2017


Not as long as one of @5AliveOh’s :smiley:




Mo Salah looked jaded bordering on disinterested last night, hopefully the spell isn’t broken.


I think a few of the early roma tackles might have left him feeling a bit disinterested as well. They did it effectively to Messi as well. Firmino looked jaded as well but there should be enough of a gap between the last game and the final to recover


True, took a belt in the hip early on that might have persuaded him to cool his jets.


Think the two defences are about even, with Ramos maybe given Madrid the edge, but fast forwards and Ramos are the perfect ingredient for a red card, Madrid have a very good midfield, but I think the pool have a big advantage upfront , Madrid are very reliant on CR7 and he is not having a great year, was very poor in the semis, but Madrid’s experience and capacity to win dirty makes them favs IMO.


Wholl be on Salah , Marcello or Ramos ?
Its games like these theyd miss Pepe , proper hatchet man .


Thought Pepe was a liability. One of these players elevated by being Brazilian ( I know he played for Portugal). Tbh I thought he was no better than some English championship centre halfs.


Hated him , was a knacker.



Also brilliant by Beeko there. But what’s seldom is wonderful lads! :grinning:

And I’ve just realised Beeko was right all along about decades, and not the rosary ones…


Liverpool have too many ordinary players to win it I feel.


The other 5 are quality in fairness. And I know in Istanbul they had the likes of Traore, Biscan etc. Just think they’ll struggle to carry them players I mentioned. They’ll buckle at some stage. Real have far too many experienced cool heads. Makes up for the often pantomime at the back.


For me the first 15 mins are crucial for liverpool. They haven’t started out of the blocks in any of the last 4 champions league games. They need to get through a slow start if it happens without conceding and then will be in to it otherwise I can see real running away with it


They also had the yips significantly against Roma. Play like that against Madrid, they’ve no chance. They looked devoid of confidence. Rag ball rovers esque. Certainly didnt look like a side that had been 5 nil up against the same opposition a week before.

I watch a lot of Serie A. Roma nowhere near a top side even in that league. They didn’t even have to play that well to score 4 on Wednesday.


You should watch a bit of La Liga,Real aren’t even the best side in Madrid at the moment and are beatable and have a manager who could be getting the boot soon enough.

Despite conceding 4 (with an O.G and a bogey peno late on thrown in) on Wednesday they looked comfortable enough.

Liverpool have played well this year against the big teams so won’t have problems against Real.


And there they are, deservedly in the CL final

What a time to be alive :grinning:


I don’t think you should look too much into that Roma second leg. The aggregate cushion played a huge part in how the game played out. Liverpool progressing was never in doubt.

Real’s experience makes them favorites now but if Liverpool can play to the levels that they reached against City and Roma of the first leg ties they’ll have too much for Real. I’ve my doubts that they’ll be able to reproduce that kind of form again though in such a big game away from the home comforts of Anfield.


it’s always a great time to be alive! And I’m an Arsenal fan!

Absolutely no doubt yous deserve to be there. Just my opinion is all. Feel Liverpool can be very shaky. Real won’t be. That will be the difference I reckon.


I do. Madrid have improved a lot from earlier in the season. Atletico are great at getting 10 men back behind the ball. The Tyrone of La Liga. And I’ve no love for Real either.

I wouldn’t call conceeding 4 comfortable at all. I disagree, I think Madrid will cause you all sorts of problems. But best of luck, genuinely.


Roma should have had a penalty much earlier in the 2nd half (much more obvious penalty than that what was awarded and red card, if given). Even then, however, I reckon Liverpool would have held on, but far less comfortably.
Then again, Sané probably should have had a penalty early on before he scored.
Level of refereeing (from all 5 officials) has been generally poor in a lot of games.


What big teams?