Champions' League 2017


Nothing against either Milner or Henderson. Both very honest players, but journeymen at best, for me.
Some journey right now, however.


Whatever happened to Jon Flanagan, thought he looked like becoming a brilliant player a couple of years back?





With the 70,050 capacity of the Olympic Stadium reduced to 63,000 for the match, the 33,252 tickets given to the finalists, plus 6,700 available to worldwide supporters, will make up 63% of the attendance.

The rest will consist of hospitality members, rights holders, commercial partners, officials, players past and present and media


This final is likely to be on the same time/evening as Dubs Leinster opener v Wicklow/Offaly.


Yeah same as the Carlow game last year .


Be interesting to see what game has more scores


How many tickets does Falcon get?


:grin:, working on it from his cell !


In fairness, the chap has probably sold Champions League Final tickets to the prison guards and everything by now, he’s incorrigible.


While we’re at it, 2 champions league final tickets up for grabs, just reply with a Limerick as to why you deserve them…


Are those tickets for Real?


There once was a Peregrines boy,
Who currently lives in The 'Joy,
He sold dodgy tickets,
now walks like he’s rickets,
cos the lads passed him round like a toy.


For Real or Liverpool …


Hence why I used a capital R!


Speaking of Falcon, should it have a capital when it’s in the middle of a sentence?


How long was his sentence?




16 words. Next?