Champions' League 2017


Roma are awful but with Karius in goal…


Very lucky there - not offside, peno, red card!!


Comical stuff here :joy:


Alexander Arnold was super v City but very poor tonight. Not sure Kiev will be the place for him.


Liverpool need another goal says Ronnie - are you fuckin kidding us? That’s the problem with having co-commentators with vested interest … they talk sh1te … they are 3 up with 30 to go … they don’t need another one …


Salah not working hard enough off the ball and to get back and support the back 4 is actually killing Liverpool


Mental finish here .


Love the predictions! Mad game. Think Real are Taylor made for Pool. Porous enough at the back.

Actually, all the dice have kind of fallen in place for Pool really. I’d have put my house on Barca or Bayern beating Pool, and Real have been poxed to get to the final, and the team the Pool will fear the least! Credit to Klopp, he has turned the club around.


Sweet Jesus :joy:


That was less a penalty than the earlier one… In the end, kind of lucky to get out of that.


Congratulations to all the 'pool fans here .
Cant wait for the final !


Has the makings of a great final and hard to call as we don’t know which Real or which Liverpool will turn up.

Hard for Liverpool tonight because their mindset would be one of containment no matter what they were told to do. Roma might have had two pens - more than the one they got! - but can have no complaints over two legs.

The CL is a bit crazy now with sometimes 3 weeks between legs and then when you get to the knockouts it is 6/8 days - when teams are at their tiredest. Is it because they hope to see more goals because of tiredness? And Liverpool looked tired tonight. Mo and Firmino both looked jaded - on Saturday too. Klopp would like to finish 3rd but I’d rest as many of these lads ahead of Kiev as possible.

Tonight could be good for Bale. Young Arnold seemed to freeze(hardly surprising for a 19 year old) and I think Zidane will target him in the Final. Bale wide left would protect Marcello (a woeful defender) and help double up on AA going forward.

I would also worry about Liverpool’s composure. They had a good cushion tonight but panicked an awful lot. The Final will be about cool heads and Madrid have plenty.

That said if it is to be a shootout and Liverpool hit the kind of form they hit against City, Roma and the earlier rounds they are well capable of winning it.


If you’d told Liverpool fans before the first leg that they’d concede 6 goals in total over the two legs, they’d have snapped your hand off.


Liverpool deserved it far more than Roma. Liverpool’s front three are currently, almost impossible to play against. What is hard to comprehend is that a team containing James Milner and Jordan Henderson had reached the CL final.


Agreed but were as poor as I’ve seen them tonight. Mane was excellent 8/10, Firmino worked hard but looked tired 6/10, but Mo was about a 4. Good to get the bad ones out of your system when you don’t need them though.


If soccer games were 80 minutes like rugby Liverpool would have won 5-0 and drawn 2-2. They conceded four goals after the 80th minute in the two games.


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Milner is a solid player , grafter. Have alot of time for him tbh . It will quite possibly come down to case of a shootout . On paper Real are far superior. But anything can happen in a final . You cant beat experience though . It would be hard to bet against Madrid .Stranger things have happened though . It will be fun , hopefully