Champions' League 2017


The problem here is that there is a kind of double standards, it is ok for a player to cynically drag you back, but it is not ok to ask for a card for the player that is being cynical. I know at times players go overboard looking for cards , but if the offence is clearly deserving of one, well I don’t really see the problem, it has to be frustrating to be continuously being dragged down and lads not getting punished for it. Like I said it is not as if he went mad after the ref, he simple made the gesture of showing a card.Why shouldn’t he ask for a card if he felt the offence was worthy of one?


Because it’s unsporting, and against the rules.


But cynically pulling a player back is unsporting, against the rules and a yellow card offence, but for some reason people in general, seem to see asking for a card as worse, cards were brought in for those kind of offences and it has to be frustrating for players when the cards are not shown, yet when they look for the rule to be applied they are considered unsporting, put it this way Messi would not have looked for the card had he not been cynically fouled.
Being honest I didn’t know it was against the rules until last night, seems strange to me, I understand that if a player goes overboard in his protests, but to me it did not seem to be the case.


Ribery (classy bloke) was blatantly and disgustingly looking for a red for the Anderlecht guy in the highlights I saw. The guy got red (Ribery was more or less giving ref the thumbs up) and Bayern got a peno when it looked like the foul was outside the box. Anyone know did Ribery get a yellow?

ps Dub fans here are accused of blue specs but bigp wears the biggest pair of red and blue specs I have ever seen where Barca and especially Messi are concerned.


Cynical play is generally sanctioned these days.

But I do take your point. I find Messi’s carry on more deserving of a yellow than a pull of a jersey.


Suppose it arguable, but the guy that committed the foul benefitted 3 fold. He stopped Messi’s break, he got no card and to add to that Messi got carded. That being said, you are never going to change the ref’s mind so a bit stupid getting yourself carded for protesting.


Leave Dermo out of this …


Fan base will ensure survival but it’s hard to see how progression in terms of standard will ever arise in the SPL. The realistic target has to be 4 points out of Anderlecht and Europa League.


Ah here, wait til Beeko sees this, he’ll be back campaigning about fouling being ok but diving not, you couldn’t make it up. Those who dive often did so because refs weren’t protecting them from constant fouling. Do the same people have the same opinion about L.Keegan?
Fouling is more acceptable to people because it’s a widespread culture in soccer, and gaelic games. Except hurling of course.


Two wrongs don’t make a right Al.

As for divers doing so to protect themselves, that’s a good one. Must remember that when I see Suarez et al on the ground feigning injury. It’s Darwin, yo.


<Anyone know did Ribery get a yellow?>

Yeah he did and should of gotten a 2nd for putting his hand on the ref and than sarcastically applauding him.


Hey I’m just giving another side to the “diving is worse than fouling” comments. The point is, it’s all breaking the rules, equally. But it’s also true since I’ve been a kid long ago that for a long time or at times in soccer there’s clearly been periods and teams that foul alot, win major trophies by getting away with alot of fouling against teams that have more skillful players, and therefore what do those teams do to counterract that?
As ever it’s about referees too. L.Keegan was made into a national hero for what, amongst other things, was blatant cynical fouling. I’d much rather if he’d been diving personally. But he wouldn’t have got away with that.


Absolutely … 'orrible little man …


I know you’re saying it tongue in cheek but I never said fouling is acceptable. Diving is foul play. I’ll call Cillian O’Connor up for diving as much as Lee Keegan for pulling a jersey. I’ll call any Dublin player up for diving also if I was to see it. Diving is cheating. There are no two ways around it.


Who says it isn’t? You lads are changing the argument here. Yis come on with comments saying “diving is worse than fouling”, or something similar, and then when challenged on it, yis try to present it as others saying diving isn’t a foul. Think that’s called moving the goalposts, now is that a foul, or just cheating?


You mentioned me, Al… where did I say that diving was worse than fouling?


Way back. Possibly last decade


Aye… 2010… you could be right.


It was like the debate we had about sledging being less of an issue then breaking someone’s jaw


For my mind a foul is correctly punished whereas a dive creates an undeserved punishment. That’s why I’d view it as worse than fouling myself