Champions' League 2017


The two goals mean they can’t stick and have to twist - and they can’t really be cagey needing 3. Can’t see them starting with one plan with a view to changing - it’s all or nothing. They will also look for an early goal … something Liverpool usually get.



Maybe have a re watch of the Roma Barca game . They needed 3 to win there & not concede .
Pulled it off . It went tragically wrong in the first leg there as well . You’d hope their manager would have the propensity to change tack .
They’ll need a slice of luck too , no harm .


I firmly believe that Pool will win the champions league and that they will beat Madrid by at least 2 goals. And I’m not kidding here. They have a ferocious attack and Klopp has them in great form, credit where it’s due.


I wonder will the Buvac situation have any impact. The timing of it is crazy really. If he is going to Arsenal why not potentially go as part of a CL winning management team? The abruptness of it would indicate a less than happy atmosphere/situation. Players can be flakey so we’ll have to see. If it did go tits up there would be a melt down about it.


Was actually just reading about that, he is not gone from the team because he’s leaving Pool, his father is gravely ill by all accounts and he’s gone home to be with him. T’internet is a funny thing! As rumour would have it!


The Arsenal job is going to be a great gig for anyone, brimming with potential now. I can see them building a huge era of success.


Tabloids! It’s gonna be a big job for someone next year keeping the Gunners ahead of Burnley.




Here we go , next couple of hours should be some craic :grin:


Dull as dishwater 0 0 please and thank you


Youd hope but…


Welcome home mo.


Ho ho :joy:


Nervy enough start at the back but leathal going forward and half a chance and game hopefully over now


There some team for taking their Chances .


My god :joy:




Getting the 2 goals early is crucial

Game over now as Roma won’t keep Liverpool just to two


Think about it , Milner , who has been very good is responsible for 2 of their 3 goals over the 2 legs . Barca must have been atrocious in the 2nd leg .