Champions' League 2017




A former night editor of The Sun apparently…


@DUB09 has some CV !


The Anfield Wrap? The Express? That’s a large chasm and I’d imagine the truth is somewhere in between, in fairness.


Yeah that’s poor stuff alright,


Ah that’s just your cognitive bias…
(Or mine :grinning:)


Less of the cognac… hiccup, sorry - cognitive.



Not great timing. Some reports are saying that Klopp and Buvac have fallen out with one another.


Sometime English comedian Micky Flanagan

Ex Jurgen Klopp assistant Zeljko Buvac …



Buvac is definitely out out now


I thought that was a great MF gig, albeit I’ve only seen it on DVD.


He’s a one trick pony for sure but it was a decent trick :slight_smile:



His show on Sky where he went cycling with his mate throughout France I thought was quite good. His mate was quite funny, just wouldn’t have the stage persona.


Ah heyor!


How do folks see this Real Bayern game going .
Considering they were shite in the last home leg , probably because there was less urgency due to having 3 away goals , will they sit back with a 2.1 lead .Bayern need to score twice .Robben is out but Alaba is back


Game on !


1.1 !


Some mistake from the keeper

All over now