Champions' League 2017


Does Hamilton wear a blindfold when he’s commentating? He’s nearly making more mistakes than Bayern … brutal.

It’s too nice this stuff - no bite.


What’s the story with Benzema ? Is he injured ?


That’s some defending


Things you should never say when watching Real Madrid, part 1

“Ronaldo is having a very quiet game”


Hasn’t been a regular starter for some time. RM with 1 foot in the final…


Looks like he’s coming on .


Lots of injuries… Is there something wrong with that pitch?


The top European club teams are a few notches down on where they were a few years ago. My young fella would bate any of them on the PlayStation 18.


It’s first leg … not foot.


In fairness, he went out on a limb with his prediction - you’ve got to hand it to him.


Forgive my typing tonight, I’m all fingers and thumbs.


Two shite teams here .


Obviously not quoting Christy Brown?


Stevie Mc on Bee Tee Sport is comnenting on all of the players looking creamed.
I definitely believe there’s an issue with this pitch.


Salah & Co will destroy Marcello.


Bayern are terrible . Weren’t helped by the injuries . Lewandowski & Mueller anonymous. Real didn’t even need anything from Ronaldo tonight .


Ribery and Robben past it, alaba out injured , Vidal not a great footballer but adds bite injured too. Bayern need rejuvenation.


This is worth a read…




Sure this Mafham guy doesn’t post here ??