Champions' League 2017


It’s hard to know if any of Celtics first 11 would make a top 6 premier league side . They’ll have to leave Scotland to survive long term




Don’t like players making gestures for cards for opponents, but in fairness if the Ref doesn’t speak your language how are you supposed to communicate with him, and Messi was right the Juve player should have got a card. It wasn’t as if Messi got in to the refs face he just made the gesture, in saying that the ref is within his right to give the card.


Sorry P but that’s the usual prevarication and whataboutery that you get, particularly, in that sport.

He’s trying to communicate nothing other than book that guy, it’s not on. That this carry on is so accepted these days is evidenced by the reaction of the players and the crowd. Pure cuntish behaviour.

As for the ref being within his rights to book him. He’s not, he’s required to do it. Pity all refs don’t!

Barca looked very sharp. Haven’t seen them play under the new guy until last night but they don’t appear to be too dissimilar from last year in how they set up.


Mind you what a twat neymar made of himself at the final whistle by refusing ti shake hands with a celtic player


Yeah very unedifying - money can’t buy you class. And some young gobshite ran on to try to kick Mbappe. Paradise …


Mbappe looks the business though, doesn’t he? Only 18 and playing like Pele already! Genuine class act


Another terrible night for Irish soccer fans.

Last night’s results just prove that the Group Stages (32 teams???) is a joke. They should play another knockout round and have only 16 teams in the Group Stages - I know - money dictates that this will never happen.
Or will it? If they had a knockout, last 32 round, I think you’d be looking at some very appetising fixtures which would create a lot of media and spectator interest. Last’s nights crap (which will be repeated on many occasions over the next 12 weeks) will surely lose its appeal if it continues over the next few years. Four groups of four teams in the Group Stage-last 16 would also have a lot more spectator and media interest.


Never happen - it’s also about more matches - fcuk the quality - like the Super 8. World Cup heading same way … greed greed greed.


There are currently 56 games in the group stages and first knockout round to leave you with eight quarter-finalists.
What I was suggesting would need 40 games to reach the same stage. 16 fewer games. Generally speaking, these 16 fewer games would be the likes of the crap that happened last night. If it continues for much longer, I would not be surprised to see interest wain. Bear in mind also that in the Group Stages, EIGHT games are played at the same time on any match night. I’d imagine that two or three of these games each have very poor TV viewing figures and less commercial and media interest.


Bigger spread this way - more tv deals with states over Russian way.


Apart from the respective followers of each club, who across Europe will be watching the Group G games tonight (FC Porto v Besiktas and Red Bull Leipzig v Monaco)? Who will watch Shaktar Donetsk v Napoli?
Who will have tuned in to watch Chelsea or Man Utd last night and switched off after 20 minutes?


There’s obviously huge money in it Beeko because this is the way all these competitions are going. Quality is not a bit important. If all was right it would only be the Champions too …


Yep, it is a misnomer indeed.


you would be hoping that Celtic do well in the Europa league after christmas because otherwise they are just wasting their time in the SPL. they will make enough dosh from the champions league to stay well ahead of everyone else up there, but not enough to get out of the group stages. if they want to progress they should be looking to a better league, like the LOI.




We didn’t have any teams playing though.


Weren’t Celtic playing?


can someone get me some popcorn?


Celtic are as Irish as Usain Bolt