Champions' League 2017


Or you could just post something relevant and/or stand by what you post and back it up. It’s ok to have a discussion and a debate, and it’s ok for me to accept somebody making valid, and relevant points, equally to point out if they’re not.

Not sure where the stuff about sentiment is coming into it, seems like someone running with some assumption they’re making incorrectly. On what basis?

It’s also ok to have differing opinions.


Right back at ya ! Don’t forget to tag on your a twat if ya don’t agree with someones opinion by the way :wink:


Clear equation of what Zidane did and what we are discussing here.


Complete mis-representation of the facts. As you will see if you actually look back at the relevant posts. But sure you’re throwing all sorts of stuff around any which way this morning, so carry on, I love reading a good wind-up.


Go on ?


I was making the point of sentiment . It was possibly Buffon’s last game in the CL. Some people were saying he shouldn’t have been sent off because of it . Zidane had come out of retirement for the '06 WC & it was he’s last game as a player . I said his sending off wasn’t the same . But it was shit that it ended out that way for him to be remembered like that . Just like Buffon will be remembered for this .

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Oh cool, lots of posts on the CL thread…



I was trying to mind my business but somebody replied to me :pensive:


The keeper clearly puts his hands on him so red card. Not sure why he never showed a 2nd yellow to the defender but probably got caught up in the whole debacle after awarding the penalty. He was jostled by about 6 Juve players.


this is an irrelevant point. It doesn’t matter when it occurred.


Well actually in the real world players will get alot more upset about a decision that actually pretty much decides a game than one that occurs, say half way through the game. And in my opinion a ref will absolutely or should take account of that on some level. Furthermore as I said previously that sort of jostling often does not result in a red card so clearly refs have differing opinions on it as a judgement call and clearly that means it is not at all necessarily a clear cut decision, no matter what or how many rules might seem to say otherwise.


People said it was sad. Can’t recall anyone saying it shouldn’t have been given because of that reason and it certainly had nothing to do with what I was saying which these posts were following on from.


If it is not used consistently that is also irrelevant. The ref stuck to the rules


I wasnt posting in response to you , you joined in later.


I literally quoted @MarysMan which he said you can’t take into account it been Buffon’s CL last game .


As I said, the other posts followed on from the previous ones from me and you.


And nobody said to take that into account.


I meant that the ref made the call based on what he saw and nothing else which he did. If any other player had of jostled him the way Buffon did, I would of expected them to get a red card too.


Exactly !


Back to the football and less of the bolloxology

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