Champions' League 2017


I think it was all staged … like the other fella last week with the UFC.


Yep all these geniuses have a mad streak in them and it eventually comes out, be it trolley throwing hedbutting or whatever:)


And it’s also irrelevant as regards it being a penalty or not, red card or not, which is what the discussion you responded to was about. And you accuse me of abrupt nonsensical talk of no relevance? Do you possess any self-awareness?
And then you come out with a smart-arsed irrelevant comment by way of insult and now you’re playing the offended party. Hawk off.


Thought he went down with not much contact myself but I can certainly see on review how it was given a peno. He stayed up til the defender came in to challenge the ball from the side, then goes flying.
Was the Buffster on a yellow? Straight red still seems harsh but he’s a very big scary man when he gets a bit irritable so maybe the ref was afraid of his life.


Jostling/manhandling a ref is a red … unless you’re Andy


What dub09 says and also we have no idea what Buffon said to the ref.


Overall though, in context, the ref gives a penalty several minutes into injury time that will very much most likely put Juventus out.
The goaly jostles him in the midst of an understandable, and completely common response from the penalised team (this reaction happens at times even when it’s not a game deciding thing).
The ref sends him off. This is the goaly, the first choice goaly who would be the best chance of the penalised team saving the penalty.
All things considered it seems like a very harsh decision overall. People will trot out ‘rules are rules’ as if in reality this is all that ever matters but in fact it’s well known refs can and do use discretion.

Unless of course Gianni said something really nasty to the ref, like…“the bet is off now!!”


Yes. Normal rule interpretations should not apply after 85 minutes. Instead good character, match situation, politics, race, religion and fav ice cream should come into play in any decision making.


Like I said smarty pants, refs can and do use some level of discretion about complex decisions. It’s just not possible for every decision to be perfectly definitive and I think that’s pretty obvious.


Nothing complex about it. Stick on peno - stick on red. Should’ve been two.


Right so, every time a player jostles the ref, they get sent off yeh? That’s what happens in reality? And in the past, when it hasn’t happened, have you said “stick on red” every time? No, why? Because it’s often not a clearcut decision, especially when all factors taken into account. One of which is that this is soccer, not rugger, and the culture they have created does not make things like what happened in this case a clear cut red.


Ref 100% correct - well done Michael Oliver :clap::clap::clap:

To the misty eyed romantics … Eurovision will be here soon … :+1:


You’re just upset because of all the booing from the Juventus fans, that alone is grounds for a red card. Several red cards indeed, and they should have banned them from having any goaly for the penalty.

It is in fact possible (or so I’ve been told by my hero Gianni) to hold an opinion that is contrary to yours without it being misty-eyed romanticism, is this a rejection thing with you, or just oppositional?


1st minute or last minute, if it’s a penalty he has to award it. He can’t take into account the score or that it could be Buffon’s last CL match. Brave but correct call. Should of been 2 reds as the foul for the penalty should of been a 2nd yellow card.


Agree , can’t take sentiment into it . Same with Zidane been sent off in a World Cup final . Not on the same level though .You do the crime , you do the time !


To decide to give a red card on top of a penalty to the goaly for jostling in the 5th minute of injury time is not the same as a red for a goaly who fouled the player leading to the penalty just as he was about to score a goal.

The rest of the stuff, about sentiment etc is just lazy diversion from the actual matter. As is the other red card which wouldn’t have mattered to the game but in any case the fact he didn’t give the other red car actually contradicts those saying “he had to do this/that”, he clearly didn’t, as he didn’t give the red to the defender. Why was that?


Irrelevant to this discussion. Zidane getting sent off was not at all the same as this situation, ridiculous comparison, apart from anything else Zizou committed a violent assault.


It’s ok Al , you’ve a bee in your bonnet over this . I’ll be happy to leave it to someone else to discuss it with ya !


There was no argument about the penalty being a matter of anything other than a decision about whether it was a clear foul or not, so I’ve no idea why you’re bringing that into it.


[quote=“Unbelievable, post:946, topic:1790, full:true”]

It’s ok Al , you’ve a bee in your bonnet over this . I presume you missed the bold part .I’ll be happy to leave it to someone else to discuss it with ya !