Champions' League 2017


In fairness I think that was only natural, the aim would have been to get 3 -0 Then start a new game in extra time


I must be watching a different game. No way was that a penno, if anything a handball free out and all the Buffster did was remonstrate, so how was it a red card? Such a hometown decision for the fascists, gives a dodgy peno and sends off the man most likely to save it. Madrid have the luck of the devil. Except cheating isn’t luck.

By the way, how is Gianni’s hair still so black at the age of 49?


Ah here we go, the Keaneo school of discussion. It wasn’t wrong because you didn’t defend to the standards I expect of everyone (except me, and however irrelevent that is). Amazing how he would have seen that ball that Henry handballed do anything but go out except if it was handballed.


That’s some take on it !


Are you alright?


You are in for it now :laughing:


I like Juve, and hate Madrid (but Ronaldo is growing on me, in spite of him, and me) but it was a peno. Push in the back, and foot high?

Would love the audio of Buffon and co losing their collective shit, would say it’s proper gangster movie stuff - ‘go ■■■■ your mother’ in aggressive Italian.


Are you a twat?


I didn’t see much of the game, @25AliveOh. I’ve absolutely no love for Madrid. But, on the penalty incident itself, for me, it was a penalty. I just wish the defender hadn’t made the challenge as I think Buffon would have snuffed out the danger.


Fair enough Beeko. It looks innocuous enough to me. What was Buffy the Fascist Slayer sent off for?


Well you’re certainly portraying yourself as one. You have more in common with Roy Keane that you might think, abrupt nonsensical shite talk with little or no relevance to the actual point being made.

It’s hardly that hard to comprehend why I pointed out 4 Juve defenders had let the Madrid player drift in to goalmouth unmarked, albeit they might have been exhausted, for professional players that is just inexcusable.




never a peno for me neither, but it seems we are in the minority!


just about a peno for me , hand on the back and was all over him.

what did Buffon get sent off , making contact with the ref - he led the herd that moved him about 5 yards back.


There were alternate angles of footage to what happened on rte last night . He appears to bump him & all up in his grill .


That was only no peno if you are a hurling ref …


Don’t know how anyone can question why Buffon was sent off without knowing what he may have said to the ref.


He didn’t have to say anything at all. His physical interaction was a red card offence on its own. If he was thinking quickly he should have shook his hand …


Gianluigi Moran! :grinning:


Coincidence last night that Buffons champions league career should end to a team whose managers international career ended in the same way.