Champions' League 2017


So he incorrectly dealt with Harte so therefore should have incorrectly dealt with Buffon by leaving him on??


Not implying that at all. More why he didnt sent Hart off. Some English refs tend to be more lenient to England players IMO


Penalty all day… and the correct decision to give Buffon a red card.
The defender should have gotten one for the stupidity in making the challenge in the first place - Buffon had a much better chance of saving from Vazquez right there than he (or his replacement) would have had from a Ronaldo penalty.

I haven’t seen a home crowd celebrate a 1-3 defeat like that before. It was akin to Meath fans cheering a Charlie Redmond point in the last minute of the 1988 Leinster final.

Separately, I hope this comes to pass…‘overstated’-sponsorships-worth-€200m-says-uefa-probe/ar-AAvLcYO?ocid=spartanntp


All we are looking for is consistency…:laughing:


Definite penalty and a 2nd yellow card to the defender too. Ref right to send Buffon off too. Him and the chairman should be punished too for what they said in the media. Looks look Ramos will get a 1 match ban for watching some of the game in the tunnel too whils suspended. No one will want Liverpool in the draw tomorrow, hate to say it but this could be there year!



Poor Ref Hart is head n shoulders above him…


If Ronaldo ever goes missing they should look for his hole first because that’s where he will have disappeared up.


Saw a great tweet about Ronaldo last night… someone said how brilliant he was and how cool under pressure he’d been …

The reply was: “If he could turn around quick enough he’d ride himself” :grinning:


I am surprised people see the penaly so clear, IMO the ref would have been right no matter what he did, it is really all down to interpretation, two ex refs here said they would not have a given a penalty as they felt it was minimal contact, no matter what way you look at it, it was a huge call, but in fairness the ref was right beside the action.
Buffon probably had to go, besides the pushing and shoving ggod knows what he said to the ref.
Sergio Ramos was a bit stupid, he will now probably miss the first leg of the semis, surely somebody in Madrid could have told him not to come down to the side line and on top of that get involved in an argument with the Juve coach.


I saw a few tweets from Spanish newspapers headlines , something along the lines of robbed or something . Is that the feeling over there , well outside Madrid any way ?


Yep but thats just the usually anti madrid sh…te had it been barça the Madrid press would say the same. Nobody could say robbed as at most it was an arguable decision.


What referee’s said they wouldn’t have given it as a matter of interest?

I can’t see how it isn’t a penalty? The Juve defender jumped in to the back of the Madrid player and made no contact with the ball. Stone wall to me.

The bigger issue is why 4 Juve defenders stood by and let him get in to the position he was in unmarked in the first place!


I’d say they had their eye on the cross to Ronaldo .


They were andujar oliver and iturralde gonzalez, both were internationals as far as I know. The argument was the contact was minimal


Vasquez sold it very well too . It’s hard to say it wasn’t a penalty . I think it was a correct decision , however cruel the timing of it was .


Other refs here have said it was. That is why I am surprised so many see it as so clear


All down to interpretations I’d say . Was a shame because it was a great game ( from a juve point of view ) . But like City , Juve always had that worry of a Real goal making it harder . For it to come in the 90th plus minute is just heart breaking . Sucker punch with literally no chance of an equaliser .


If it happened at the other end and wasn’t given …


Juve have only themselves to blame really. Once they got the lucky goal to go 3-0 up they went back into their shell Italian style and tried to play for extra time and pens. Showed no ambition and they paid for it.