Champions' League 2017


Have to hand to Ronaldo , gets the job done .


I’d like to flamethrower the Madrid fans.


Where the ■■■■ is the ref going with that injury time. Should have been another 2 mins


Smashing peno, not the last time we’ll hear the words 'the great Cristiano Ronaldo.


Great player but so devoid of class sometimes.


No need, they will eat Ronaldo who will be so on fire it will burn them all. Deserve each other so so much.
Can’t wait for DUB09’s posts about Liverpool Vs Real Madrid in the final. I’d rather be Red than Madread


He’ll die in his own arms, the pox.


Despite it ruining the romance of it all, it really was a penalty and the jostling that Buffon did to the referee was way over the top and he deserved the red! It was a horrible end to the game and a real anti climax. Michael Oliver might want to steer clear of the holibops in Bella Italia this year!!!


Buffon lost his shit, understandably. Definite peno and a fair red card.

Sad way to end but as Joey the Lips said, this way it’s poetry.

Allegri had a right go at Ramos on the bench.


Ramos is some shit stirrer .




Soccer needs a video ref. It was actually unfair on the official tonight. Too much to lose for a split second decision.


He got it right though - only thing missed was 2nd yellow for Benatia.

As for a poetic ending, I’d be averse to one like that …


He did get it right. Even though the Real player looked like he was about to dive before the contact. The officials got it wrong last night. I think Tennis have it right. You get one challenge each half or something. If your right you keep it, if not it’s lost.


It’ll be there for the world cup.


No rhyme or reason to it really is there?


An odeious ending to a great European career …


There not the rules in football Bosco, no matter what the Parish priest told you when he reffed your alterboy 5 asides :rofl:


Wonder what the difference was :thinking:


I’d say the Hart incident ensured he’d never allow something like that to go unpunished again.

And let’s face it, I LOVE Buffon but he deserved to go.