Champions' League 2017


Didn’t realise saying Man U was so difficult. You got me there.


Just to be clear here , when referring to the likes of Manchester United . Man U is ok but United is not when referring to them in any particular match ? And this is somehow disrespectful to other teams which may have a United in their names ?


I think you must be posting in your sleep lad. What other club could ManU possibly be? Now, compare and contrast, what other clubs could United possibly be? (Hint: Its on page 2 of your workbook.)


It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever come across tbh. And that’s saying alot from what’s posted here from time to time , I don’t mean by you . But if you have an issue with someone referring to Manchester United as United instead of them using Manchester United or Man U in a match which involves Manchester United you must be easily bothered…I hope to God booing doesn’t rattle you as much either .


Oh god, we’re back to the disingenuous argument. The point was about the context of the use of those terms. I’ve explained that context. You don’t seem to get it, I won’t explain it anymore. And yes it’s a small thing but it’s not the small thing you seem to think it is.

As a last desperate attempt though I’ll say this, Liverpool’s actual nickname is The Reds, and Man Utds is Red Devils.

I’ll give you something to catch me out on though, if a town such as Mansfield has a senior club called Mansfield United (or however unlikely, City) then you can hoist me on a petard for not distinguishing between them and the major Manchester clubs, in my use of the abbreviation ‘Man’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can this thread be merged with the Pedantic Pat thread?


Sorry… we don’t have one.


No , I get it alright . I’ll continue though to refer to those teams in the way I do though . We won’t agree on it so no worries.


Pep charged with improper conduct after last night’s game .


Proper order. You can’t be running on to the pitch at half time challenging the referee. God only knows what he said too. They have previous from Spain too as far as I know.


Referee should be charged with incompetence!!!


Offside goal ?


all swings and roundabouts.
sometimes in football you get ridden by the ref - other times he rides the other team.


But it’s ok at any other time?


I’d have no issues with City been unhappy about that disallowed goal. Var probably would have allowed it . And if city go in 2 nil , I think 'pool might have bottled it . Ifs & buts…


Peter Drury’s commentary last night was brilliant. He went full Darragh Moloney! Here is a tweet with a link to BT Sport commentary


I’d say the Spanish FA have a lot of Franco nationalists in their midst so that might be in play as well.


I was thinking that might be an issue too


Must be ! Has he been sent to the stands while in England ?


Well great start by Juve