Champions' League 2017


I was waiting for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahem, your a great man for editing your posts !


At least it ends in ‘oma’, I got confused like you must’ve done between Liverpool and Blackpool.


It’s ok ,we were both wrong , but I leave my posts as they are :smirk:


At least I call clubs by their full name, not EPL fanboy colonised shite like Pool, United, City etc.


We’ll you could try spelling them correctly for a start too ! If your confused about who’s playing when it’s between say Liverpool & Manchester City with people calling them Pool or City I think you may have issues .




Ahem :smirk:


Not confused at all, just can’t stand that fanboy epl-apeing stuff. As if there aren’t other clubs called United, pool etc, it’s an insult to other clubs to afford some particular clubs these affectionate, priveleged monikers. And it’s only done by people who slavishly follow the top EPL clubs.


I was wondering when you’d try that line. Bohs is a long established nickname that all LOI club followers use for them. Do you know of any other team called Bohemians in any of the higher level leagues in Irish domestic soccer? Now if you’d said Rovers I would agree, and I never use that term to refer to the Shamsters.


Hey , you can blame those on the autocorrect .
Theres no excuse for spelling Barcelona wrong !

Aren’t those teams who are referred to that way in the Premiership or Champions League threads . So why would anyone be referring to any other club when they are talking about them or a match they are involved in . Do you have an issue with Dublin been referred to as the Dubs :upside_down_face:


We’ll just move these goal posts along now :smirk:


Again, as explained previously, there is no other team who could possible be The Dubs. Everyone in GAA calls us that.


People are talking about a particular game though . Like tonight . Liverpool v Manchester City . And say 'pool & city .
If I was talking about a game between Leicester City & Blackpool I’d probably say City or 'pool too .Don’t see what the issue is here . I’m not setting out to disrespect any team .


Get outta here! Those terms are used all the time nó matter who is playing. Stop trying to disengenuously turn this into an innocent argument of clarity about what teams are being referred to, you know what this is about.
EPL top club fanboy cabal members are the ones who use those terms to refer to each other’s big shiney toy, while they’re pretending to be those ‘big rivals’ who hate each other so so passionately because…because well they don’t know why really, and saying ‘we’ about ‘their’ club whilst trying to figure it out. You’d swear they were born in Toxteth or Salford or wherever.


There are some who want the north dubs and the south dubs.


We’ll , I think I’ve said it in the past I dislike using “we” and I’m fairly sure I don’t ever refer to teams in that way . Except when it’s Dublin , for obvious reasons .


A here , your at it again , shall we call an amnesty here :grin:.


Doesn’t all have to be about you. :wink:


I think my post was quite clear .
It saves time typing out the teams name too, did that ever occur to you either ?