Champions' League 2017


Not tonight, he didn’t. That they didn’t go in 2-0 up at half time tonight was more down to a bad refereeing decision than to his team selection. 2-3 at half-time in the second leg is somewhat different from 1-3, especially with the momentum of a goal right before half-time.


Fair play, enjoy the bingo.


Prob cos you bore me to tears.


Think its set up for madrid to win it , nobody has won 3 champions league finals in a row and the last team to to win 3 European cups in a row was bayern munich over 40 years ago.They looked really ,really good when dismantling juventus in italy .


Salty tears :laughing:

Real shame YOUR team got knocked out by your LEAST favourite team


Forget about the what ifs from the referee.

Pep got himself sent off and wasn’t able to manage his side properly in the 2nd half and Aguero should have been on earlier. Jesus is brutal


That’s a seriously impressive win. 5-1 over two legs is a schooling.

Pep, the new tinkerman? Or overthinking, man. Either way he made a hames of it. Serious questions about his ability to tune his teams in for the big games.

Barca out too. Interesting.


It’s funny that City controlled the ball for most of the game but as it went on they looked the more tired of the two sides.
Couple of City players didn’t want to know after Liverpool scored but there was still 39 mins + remaining.
Sane looked particularly disinterested.
Contrast that to Liverpool who were chasing and closing down and getting blocks in, real difference in attitude and you can’t fault Liverpool for effort at all, they may not have great players bar their front 3 but they have a great attitude.


I wouldn’t write off Bayern, they’re a well oiled and experienced team and have one of the best managers in Jupp Heynckes around.
I think they’ll know how to get the job done in knock out.
At the same time if Liverpool do get to the final I think all bets are off, they have enough quality up front to hurt anyone.


Robertson is a great propect for the future & apart from vvd cock up for the first goal he’s a decent defender . Their defence is slowly been rebuilt . Even Karius has been performing of late .
Looks like they’ve moved on without Countinho which most people thought would harm their chances & creativity.


Ever since Good Friday he hasn’t been near a cross!!


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You can’t mention Pep getting sent to the stands without mention the refereeing “what-ifs”, the latter led to the former. If that goal stands, Pep’s selection tonight looks more vindicated.
It’s all hypothetical, however.


I don’t think he was arguing at the time about the offside because there’s no way he could have seen it and there wasn’t much of an argument from the City players I thought he was arguing about the no added time in the 1st half and then after the game when he realised it wasn’t offside he used that as an excuse.


Fair enough, if that’s the case but if I think he’d have still settled for 2-0 at half time with no injury time. Mind you, with 5 bookings in the first half along with De Bruyne’s “injury” and the issue with a deflated ball - no injury time was a strange decision.
I also think that someone would have pointed out the non-offside issue to him.


I like the look of Robertson very good going forward, reminds me of Ashley Cole in his early years at Arsenal, before he was a complete coconut.
VVD I’m still not sold on, was very poor for the City goal, with that price tag you’d expect him to be a lot more commanding, they’re going in the right direction though, another centre half and a creative midfielder, hold onto Salah, Firminho and Mane and that’s a really good side, that could win the league next year.


You’d have to wonder when Liverpool will stop being a selling club . If they have ambitions of winning the league they are going to have to keep their best players . Not always possible as seen in the past but there must come a stage .
And don’t forget they have Keita to come in next year . If they got a top class keeper and what you suggested they could definitely challenge for the league .


I’m excited to see Keita in the premier league, I completely forgot he’s going to Liverpool.
Leipzig are a good side to watch and a lot of the good play comes through him, very strong on the ball and creative.
Will be a good partner for Henderson, who although a very limited player he holds the middle quite well. Liverpool got overran today without Henderson.
Exciting times if your a Pool supporter.


In bonus territory at this stage . If they qualify again for the CL next season I think their fan base will be happy with the season . Even if they go out at the semis , it will surely attract players to sign there . Whatever Man U , City & the rest don’t pick off !