Champions' League 2017


In fairness CR/'s record for portugal is not that much better averaging 0.51 goals per game to Messi’s 0,49 for Argentina. .


Dragged them to a Euro title tho …


Was he not out of the final very early on? Did he often play a lead role in winning a major final with any of his clubs?


CR is a phenomenal player . His record speaks for itself . He doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone at any level . He’s done it at every level of the game


I presume that is a joke, he scored 3 as did 6 other players, Greizman got 6. CR7 insisted, due to his ego, in playing on in the final even though he couldn’t walk, could have cost Portugal dearly, he then went on to run the line undermining his own manager:).
Seriously though, I do agree that Messi has found it difficult with Argentina, don’t know if it is because expectations are too high or they simply expect him to play two roles all the time, but in saying that , he does have a fair collection of runners up medals on the international scene with what is a fairly ordinary Argentinian team.


I think I’d have to agree with Bart, Ronaldo has nothing to prove. But his ego and narcissism, as bigP points out, make it very hard to like him.


Buffon is as good at his position as Messi and Ronaldo are at theirs…#goalkeepersunion


And a good guy, it seems, also.


Would love to see him win the champions league and get the balon d’or, incredible career, read last week where he had already played in a world cup before Mbae was born, he has played with players born in 1950 and intends to play with lads born in 2000, some record.


Love Buffon. Messi has been central to most of his teams Champs League wins, including finals. And to multiple results against their greatest rivals. Has Ronnie come even close to that impact in the most major games of the last 10-12 years?




Considering he has 52 goals in knock out Champions League games, including 10 in semi finals and 2 in finals, I would say so yeah.


Great story.


TG4 did a documentary on him a few years back, Paddy Don Patricio. Just googled it again there always thought he was from Drumcondra, see now he was from Westmeath.


Messi booked for being a ■■■■.


I know they’re 3-0 down, but Celtic’s 2nd half (so far) has been excellent. First half was all about Neymar and Mbappe. Offensively fantastic PSG, but the hoops have ran at them this half and their defence is suspect!


Oh, and the fans have been supoib!! Considering the 2 great saves from the PSG keeper in the 1st half too…


Stuck listening to Conor McNamara. Bad enough to have to suffer the jingoistic English commentators creaming themselves over ordinary players like Kane and Rashford without McNamara joining in … :frowning:


Best fans in the world.

After the Irish fans.


Yeah … Celtic were in with a real chance … until the ref blew the whistle to start the game …