Champions' League 2017


Be nice to draw Roma


Absolutely. They dismantled City. Barca are nearly out unless they can score one!


When did Micky Flanagan join the Liverpool back room?



Careful what you wish for! :slight_smile:


They won’t be meeting teams with the likes of Walker or Otamendi from here on.


What a night for footie .
Congrats to Liverpool , great achievement for the club . The fans will have enjoyed that !
Roma through now too . Considering they shipped 4 in the first leg I’d say 'pool would have a great chance of making the final if they drew them .


Roma wow what a comeback!!!

Would love to see them go all the way


Love to see Liverpool get Real


It was excellent from Liverpool and with the front 3 of Salah Mane and Firmino they have a chance, but I wouldn’t read too much into beating a premiership rival at this stage.
I watched most of the Roma Barca game and Roma were very very good, very well organized tonight, I wouldn’t want to meet them if I was a Liverpool fan, my ideal draw would be Real, they’ve showed themselves to be very vulnerable this season.
I’d have Bayern as favourites, they wrapped up the league at the weekend they look really good this year.


Ronaldo bagging a hat trick in front of the Kop :grin:

A guy can but dream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Three overhead kicks! :grin:


Liverpool have no reason to fear anyone at this stage . Sometimes ya get the breaks . City could have had 2 or 3 by half time .Solid enough performance by Liverpool . The second goal was a bad mistake . Some intriguing matchups up ahead .


When is the draw?


Friday usually


Agreed don’t think they should fear anyone, I do however think that they may slightly underestimate Roma, I was really impressed by them tonight considering they’re 4th in serie A and not guaranteed a top 4 finish either.
I think Liverpool would really be able to lift themselves for Real and if they got drawn away first I’d back them against anyone at Anfield.
Salah is something else, that was a great finish, they’ve a great front 3 and a very average midfield but a phenomenal work rate which could see them go all the way.


U ok hon? X


I never would have thought Liverpool would miss Henderson but they did tonight. They needed him to control the tempo in midfield

Pep got his side very wrong and lost it for them


Over the two legs, there was only one team who deserved that win, and it wasn’t Manchester City. Roma proved tonight how valuable what City didn’t produce last week was - an away goal. And Liverpool showed last week that, provided you press home your advantage in the first leg, having the 2nd leg away from home isn’t always the disadvantage it can be portrayed as being.

My two clearest observations on tonight - VAR is needed, more than ever. 10 seconds of watching replays would have shown that City’s 2nd goal should have stood (not to take away from the fact that Liverpool clearly deserved it more over both legs).
Secondly, Kyle Walker is a joke. If he shows any sort of commitment to break a gut in getting back, he will beat Salah to the ball rebounding off the goalkeeper for Liverpool’s first goal. Instead, as Mane breaks forward, Walker lives up to his name, ambling back. Look at the replay from behind the goal.
I think Liverpool can take either Bayern or Roma. In a final against Real, they have a fighting chance.


I am thanks. I am fully confident I’ll have a very enjoyable evening or two before this all finishes. :wink:


I’d say not , didn’t even have to strength to give out about the City booing tonight .