Champions' League 2017


Bite, ya b@5tard BITE!!!


I see the Liverpool bus has had all four wheels stolen. Fast-Fit en route to Anfield as I type so they can get them on the road.


“Ever trolled. Ever failed. No matter. Troll Again. Fail again. Fail better.” :wink:


City score after 2 mins. Not what Liverpool wanted.

Game on


Uh-oh, squeaky bum time for LFC. Need to settle down quickly


Going to need to score at least one.

Liverpool really need to slow the game down


Can they though? City well capable of depriving Liverpool a shitload of possession.

If they get to half time at 0-1 then that might be enough


Decent game . City need Kun on .
All 'pool need is one chance .
Pity about the boo urns .


Game over


Pity. 2-0 should have been the ht score. City just far too flakey at the back as always.


Why? Thought you were neutral?


Neutral - not a bit. Can’t stand Liverpool. Told ya last week - would cheer for Linfield against them.

But pity from the point of view of the game.


Ahhhh, that would explain the posts about the bus… Which I partially agreed with BTW. Thought it was manky behaviour. That said, Pool deserve this. They have nullified the great threat that is City, and kudos to them. With Barca quite precarious now at the moment, there is a real possibility of something akin to '05 happening. Mad.




Stakes too high for those mistakes by officials. City can feel aggrieved. Overall I still think Pool would of scored and went through but it’s not really about that. City scored 2/3 of their deficit but were denied it.


Roma really pressing here… Barca have been awful!


WOW>>> ROMA Amazing


I’d actually have Pool favs for this now… That Roma scoreline is astonishing!


It’s their year


Favs? Ahead of Real and Bayern?