Champions' League 2017


Oh jayus , Dunphy just brought us into a discussion about not been paid . Wonder how quickly will jump on that .


Italian football at a low ebb. Only have 2 reps in Champions League last eight … same as EPL …


Delighted to see Barca put Chelski to the sword, and Mouball put back in its box. Messi is just incredible. Hope he manages one great WC final, he was close to it in Brazil but ran out of steam.


Will it become a rule book waving moment for the commentator, worm its way into refs report with a dose of hindsight and result in the best exponent of the sport suspended for 3 months ! Not fooking likely. Respect Barca-Respect Dubs.


If he can nail that it might shut the naysayers up once and for all


Nah - can’t abide this notion that Messi needs to carry Argentina on his back to a WC to prove his greatness. Argentina have had an average enough team in recent times that’s not Messi’s fault and there have been some excellent Spanish and German teams around in that time. His greatness is beyond question imo regardless of what Argentina do,


Indeed it is, but I’d love to see him do it for himself, and just to see it.



He’s the greatest of all time in my opinion but it would be nice to tick that World Cup box.


They have good attacking players . Aguero Higuain Dybala but average enough elsewhere. Brazil will regain the wc I think.


Unfortunately when comparing Messi or calling him the greatest , Maradonna comes up in the equation because he has the world cup .Argentina’s losses in the Copa America’s hasn’t helped him either . It is sad that people hold that as a stick to beat him with . Sure some reckon Ronaldo is better because he has the Euros :unamused:. If Ronaldo wasn’t such an unlikeable character at times that comparison might be even closer between himself & Messi . But talent wise , I’d have Messi over Ronaldo any day of the week .
Greatest player of this generation anyway .


Great mix of teams left in the Europa League with Arsenal - 8 different countries …
• Atletico Madrid :es:
• Marseille :fr:
• Lazio :it:
• Sporting Lisbon :portugal:
• RB Leipzig :de:
• RB Salzburg :austria:
• CSKA Moscow :ru:


Arsenal Atletico final would be nice . And arsenal to win . Purely for Wenger to stick two fingers up at his detractors .
But, really I’d like Atletico to win because of those CL final losses . Simeone is a character & I’d love to see his celebrations . I think he deserves a win at this stage .
Don’t care much for the other teams . Could be a surprise winner of it all too .


Just realised the RB there that Red Bull sponsor both Leipzig and Salzburg!!! If they got to the final it would be a load of bull …


And thankfully it was ruled previously that it was ok IF they faced each other that no shenanigans would be going on


They own them not just sponsorship.


Red Bull bought Austria Salzburg in 2005, renaming it, but following a restructuring it no longer has a controlling stake and merely sponsors the club.


think you might be wrong there . Any article I ve seen indicates that they re both owned by the same guy ( who also owns Red Bull).


I took it from the link I posted above .


There plenty of other articles that indicate the opposite. Corporate shenanigans going on methinks.


Any links ?