Champions' League 2017




Nothing is won on paper though.
10 games out in that season I think we lost once to west ham ( world cup final to them) and drew against arsenal Liverpool. All this time Leicester lost to arsenal and picked up a couple of 1 nil wins and had it in the bag bar a collapse. We drew with west Brom at home and then Chelsea turned up for the only time that year and drew with them and that was that.

Most disappointing thing from that season was the final few games were the players jacked it in ahead of the euros.


When there is a one in the year.


And boy did we :rofl:


[finish the sentence there @Bosco]

… and Arsenal finished ahead of Spurs


Ha ha. Yeah that would have been a welcome bonus at the time but it was also the making of the team in a way.


Sevilla 15/8 to progress … clear your mortgage …


Never won a CL game away in England though, apparently. Score draw will do, nonetheless.


Time was when you’d look forward to seeing United in Europe. Now it’s like being transported back to the 80s and the Crazy Gang. Horrible to watch. Bailly looks like a United Churches player. Fellaini, Valencia, Young … enough said. Sanchez looks as at home with Utd as David Clifford would with the Kilkenny hurlers …


Both of these teams should be eliminated on the grounds of being utterly shite


Pogba is a disgrace. United fans really getting on to their team just before the first goal. You can’t blame them. Travelling such great distances to watch that. Mortgage sorted.


Mourinhos luck finally running out, false league position papering over the cracks. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella!


Found it extremely hard to watch United all season and switched on as Sevilla scored their 2nd

As for Pogba, maybe Fergie was right to jettison him


As a United fan I hate watching us under mourinho. So negative. Sevilla will be the team everyone wants in the quarter finals


Stephen N’zonzi the classiest midfielder on show … signed from Stoke for £7m. United are a distance off City and woeful to watch.


How much has José spent at Man U?
I’d love to see a table of total spends and nett total spends by any manager who has won either a European club trophy or a league title in one of the top 8 European national leagues over the last 25-30 years and see how Mourinho compares.
Jim Gavin may fancy his chances.


Or Jim McGuinness :joy:



Not t belittling the condition but I hav been wondering recently if Jose suffers from depression. He seems to be negative and also listless so much, and his happy moments made me wonder if he is a manic.