Champions' League 2017



If Arsenal won the Europa League, Chelsea the CL and finished 5th in EPL, would England have 6 reps in the CL next year?


Allow me to assist you here.

Arsenal will be lucky to win one more game this season, never mind an actual trophy! They are poisonous!


Don`t think so, chelsea and Arsenal would go through along with the top 3 , the 4th team would go to the europa league, not sure if there would be an extra europa league place


It would be 5 as far as I know, not that it will happen as @Rochey said.

Chelsea winning would take 4th’s place whereas the Europa League would be an extra place like Man Utd this year.


PSG are piss poor. Haven’t seen one cross clear the first man. Alves shocking for the goal and generally. Di Maria was even a reject at United which says it all. Ronaldo a class act.


And simultaneously the world’s worst eejit, how’s that for a paradox? :grinning:


PSG must be one of the biggest cases of underachievers in any sport.
At least their players are wealthy.


Their attitude was appalling and matched their play Not one cross cleared the first man - same with corners and free kicks. Basics. Di Maria was a joke Verratti should be ashamed of himself. They took of Mbappe - the only guy trying. Pastore was utterly shocking, Rabiot too - and Dani Alves - the less said the better. And they’re walking away with the French league?? :flushed:

Fans are thick too - lighting flares twice when they had a bit of momentum. They deserve each other.


City were abit like that in the CL a couple of years ago . Think they have a great chance this year .


3-1 Spurs
5-0 City …


Spurs doing what North London clubs do best!!


Ref had a shocker but spurs have themselves to blame


Classic Spursying from Spurs tonight :+1:


Two years on from choking in the Premier League, losing out to Leicester, Spurs put in a bid to challenge PSG as Europe’s top chokers.
Where will Harry Kane be earning shekels next season?


Oi. Stop with the truth serum…


I’d say Paddy Powers love you!


Can never understand why teams stop doing things that have them in command of a game. Spurs dropped 10 metres, eased the high press and that was all Juve needed. They were also on the verge of losing a man and Spurs threw them the lifebuoy. Son was super for an hour - Kane was tightly marked but did a couple of excellent things, Eriksen and Ali (with more trademark diving) were just poor, the defence imploded for 5 minutes and that’s all you need to get killed in the CL. I expect Chelsea and United to join them next week.


Define choking to me ?
In the last two title races spurs were never top of the league at any point. Will Liverpool or United have choked this year of they finish second?

The days of being spursy are long gone. Switched off for 3 minutes tonight and paid for it. Juve dropped deep and lapped it up and defended like they normally do.

Juve tonight were like mayo in 2012, going down at the slightest touch and a bit naughty off the ball.

End of day, we weren’t good enough tonight and the bars shut at 11. I’m off to bed


They should have won the EPL in 2016 from the poition they were in with 10 games to go. Much more quality on paper and strength in depth than Leicester. If you were told at the start of that season the Spurs would finish ahead of Manchesters United & City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, you’d have believed you were on your way to winning the league.
But, yes, the rest of my post was just any excuse to have a sly dig at another English PL team.
Still, there’s always the FA Cup. Maybe?