Champions' League 2017


Next thing you’ll be saying you never heard of Len Ganley… :scream:


Had to look him up :hushed:


That s more like it. I doubt the Stasi would fall for micko s guff.


But the tournament has turned into a parade at the group stage for the seriously monied clubs. Looking at this week results how much of a serious competition is it before the quarter finals. Considering Bayern real Barca psg Will barring a disaster qualify for every champions league for the foreseeable future it’s hard to see how it’s a challenge for them unless drawn together before the quarters. After psg defeat last night I bet seeding will come into play next year or the year after. Even the 2 Milan clubs with all their investment are struggling to compete. You are heading towards a one club league in Germany France and if city have their way England too.


I reckon they should have knock out until it is down to the last eight and then have two groups of 4 with the winners of each group playing the second placed team of the other group in the semis, the knock out stages would need to be seeded in order to try and ensure the best teams make the group stages. Will never happen though, it would mean far less games for T.V.


Super 8s ?


That what they did back in the early 90s( 91-92 I think)and that’s how the group stage formula developed.


Yeah I suppose so, but the way it is at the moment they play 96 games in the group stages to eliminate 16 teams and before they start most people could probably name 12 to 14 of the teams that are going to go through anyway.


It’s all about the money … nothing else. In the coming years they could run the EPL til Christmas and then when City have clinched the title run another comp til April for the also rans.


It has, certainly. But even one season in the group stages can be a windfall for a smaller club. But watching paint dry is less boring than the CL group stages.


agree there - unless its your own team or the rare good group game - you dont tend to tune in untill the 1/4’s


They don’t show the good teams in the early stages. I don’t think City have featured so far on RTE/TV3 while the dross that is Utd have appeared numerous times. The 5th least attractive English team in the CL and they show them all the time.


Yep… Man City, Liverpool and Spurs (in that order) more attractive to watch than either Man U or Chelsea.


Chelsea Barca tonight , hope to catch the highlights.
Barca seemed to recover from a blip in the season , don’t know what to make of Chelsea or which one will turn up .


They’re a horrible shower -
happy to help :ok_hand:


I do like Conte. The sooner he is shot of them, the better for him.


Conte’s a good lad but he took that job. Please God Barca will put the stake through the heart in the return leg, can’t stand seeing that shower in the latter stages of the CL except to see them beaten.


Seville 7/4 to beat United … licence to print money …


"Manchester are a team going nowhere"


Pogba on the bench


Brutal stuff , glad I didn’t put on any bets .
United will probably win the home game no bother but there’s no excusing that tonight .