Champions' League 2017


… and money.


sanchez swapped the culture of barca and london to go to manchester - for the money !!


He was shunted out the door there , no ?


Man City … better city too. Well the blue half.

Much easier to win the old European Cup when it actually was the ‘Champions Cup.’


Don’t let that fact get in the way of my post !!!




Never heard of the teams Celtic played in the quarters or semi on their run to the '67 final

Tbf to Liverpool , they took out Leverkusen , Juve & Chelsea after the group stages . And of course coming from 3.0 down to AC Milan . Fairytale stuff in '05 !


Aye … back in 75/76 they took out the mighty Crusaders, Trabzonspor, St Etienne, Zurich and then Monchengladbach … it’s like Kerry winning all them All Irelands …


That’s not strictly true. St etienne were a top side Platini playing for them. Monchengladbach has ousted 3 Times European champions Bayern as Bundesliga champions . Bruges who Liverpool beat in 78 final had knocked out juventus and ath Madrid en route to the final. The Eastern European clubs were far stronger then , all backed by the government or branches of the state. To actually qualify you had to be in the top 1 so overall it was strong as it is now as the financial imbalances now were not there . Crusaders will always be crap though .


Look at all those straws you dropped lad …


I’d disagree with some of what you said.
You only ever had Barca OR Real, not both (not to mention other clubs such as Valencia, Atletico)…
You only ever had one of Juve or Inter or AC or Roma, etc…
You only had one French club…
You only had one German club…
Eastern European were not really that much stronger than they currently are (very hard away legs, maybe). Steau broke the mould in '86.

Nowadays, it’s much EASIER to qualify for the Champions’ League competition. But to win it, I reckon, is much more difficult, given the strongest countries have numerous teams.


Don’t tell me you never heard of Dukla Prague:


Now that is random :open_mouth:


Those guys were the soundtrack to my youth!


Never heard of them :hushed:


Barca Real have had poor teams in the past you know. Milan were relegated from serie a at one point. Their absence from a competition means they were nt good enough, it does nt necessarily mean the competition is diminished by their absence. You are missing the point . Leagues were far more balanced unlike today. The gulf between the Dutch champions and the English champions was not as wide as it is now. As regards Eastern European clubs widzew Łódź knocked Liverpool out when they were defending champions and Cska Sofia did the same to notts forest.


Not one of your better efforts there


Of course you will get surprises over two leg fixtures but Eastern European countries simply did not feature in the 70s/80s with just Steau having some impact in the mid and late eighties. You mentioned Forest - the likes of Villa and Forest won the English league and then conquered Europe - neither hardly giants. But neither were the likes of Malmo, Brugges or Hamburg. Liverpool only had to beat 4 teams to win the 77-78 competition - the same as Kerry had to beat to win the Sam that year. Kerry may even have beaten Dinamo Dresden that year but I’m not sure Liverpool would have taken Roscommon.


Probably not as bad as what Liverpool and Man Utd have been at times over the years.
I didn’t disagree with all of what you said. I was making the point that I believe (and it’s an opinion only) that it is harder to win the CL now than it was when it was just the champions of the various countries. As for Lodz and CSKA Sofia and their likes, yes, they were able to knock out big teams from time to time. But that is the nature of cup football.
There are far more countries involved now. But why are the champions of Armenia, Slovenia, Slovakia. Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc not involved in the Champions’ League (discounting the preliminary/qualifying rounds) these days? Because there are multiple teams from the stronger nations involved. If group stages existed in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Linfield and Limerick City would have been involved in the Champions’ League instead of the likes of Barcelona or Bayern or Inter.


Linfield Vs Limerick, now I’d pay to see that before I’d ever watch highlights of a McSwagger fight