Champions' League 2017


Liverpool are just so inconsistent at times , you have no idea what the result will be . That should put them through …


Yeah, at half time I was thinking, surely they can’t throw this away, but they finished it off as a contest in the 2nd half.


No, I backed them to win with Porto to score as well :cry:

A nice draw now against United in the 1/4’s be nice :+1:


Is it open draw for the quarters? I.e. no seedings or restrictions on who you can play?


In the draws for the quarter-finals onwards, there are no seedings, and teams from the same group or the same association can be drawn against each other.


Might be just me, but does Ray Houghton only ever state the bleedin’ obvious or say how a player should have done something? One example was Mane trying to control a high ball with his right foot instead of his left instep, get over it Ray.

Don’t get me started on Dunphy and Brady, Dunphy actually forgot Salah’s name after banging on about him for 5 minutes


Houghtons a grumpy knob and a bore. He will be another Gilesy when he gets older.


Mane looks a bit miserable … even when he got his third. I’d say he’s a hard lad to please. He looks the type of player that would jump at a move to a big club.


Scoring five times on Valentine’s Night - reminds me of my Rumours days :wink:


Kissing your cousin 5 times thinking it’s a different person each time doesn’t count.

Thats what my uncle told me anyway.


And that’s all they were?


I believe Mane was sick as a parrot when Salah won African Footballer of the Year ahead oh him.


Still though, he’s a horse of a man isn’t he?


He’s already at one of the biggest and best clubs in the world. :wink:


Ah it must be Ray Houghton in disguise here, he should have had a big smile on his face there George.

He was man of the match last night, worked hard and I’d say the non celebration for the last goal was fair enough seeing as they were 5 nil up and would have been rubbing in the Porto players faces


Biggest club in Liverpool, maybe.


“Great win that today Sadio… hopefully you’ll get to hold that trophy aloft in May. In the meantime, if you want a closer look at it… there’s 5 of them in the cabinet at the end of the Hallway in Anfield” …

Unless it’s money you’re motivated by (Sanchez) then there isn’t many other clubs in Europe which must be more enjoyable to play your football at right now then Liverpool.


As the Kop might sing, ‘You’ll never wa*k alone’!! :sunglasses:


Suarez and Coutinho obviously thought differently.


As I said, there aren’t too many more enjoyable clubs to play your football at… Barcelona unfortunately is one of the few more enjoyable I’d imagine …

Then there’s also the culture, language, lifestyle and weather which goes with living in Barcelona.