Champions' League 2017


Yeah it is.


Dunphy had Giles & Brady on his podcast.Reckons City havnt a hope with Otamendi , Stones , Walker , Kompany & possibly Mangala in the defence if they come up against the likes of Barca or PSG .
Giles made the point they haven’t done too bad against the likes of Liverpool , Chelsea & Man U .
I think they’d take Barca but I don’t know howd they fare against the PSG forward line .I thought Mendy would be back earlier but it seems he won’t be ready til April . So if they are to progress I think they’ll have to make a few signings in the defence in January.


Bit of a long read, this, but if you’ve any curiosity about the influence Qatar & Abu Dhabi are having on European football, it’s an intriguing, unsettling read.


Real 0 Barca 3 … one in the eye for the Royalists …


14 points behind with an away game in hand, still early but it looks like curtains for them in the league.


Zidane will be for the chop once they’re knocked out of the CL . He’ll probably survive til the end of the season. Some achievement to win b2b CLs.


He could be gone before that. Ancelotti lined up to comeback it’s rumored.


Looking forward to Juve Spurs tonight . Chiellini apparently marking Kane , will be an interesting duel .


heading over to London for the return leg , so hopefully we don’t get hammered


I think they’ll do ok . Juve aren’t what they once were, Napoli are pushing them in Seria A . A draw would be a good result & they seem to be doing quite well at Wembley now in contrast to their patchy performances previously.


Are tickets easily available?
What was Saturday’s attendance? Must have been close to a Premier League record?


Season ticket holders could buy up to 3 guest tickets.

It’s still a bit restrictive to get tickets for the bigger games , you have to have registered by a certain date last year to be allowed buy the tickets, the idea is to stop head the balls turning up and wrecking the place.

The attendance record was broken on Saturday for the arsenal game but the attendance was 83K odd, in a 90K stadium , At least the new place will be full most weeks despite doubling in size from white hart lane.


What’s capacity of the new stadium ?


62K and a few seats , although with segregation etc it will be a few less.
A lot of premium seats along the half way lines like club wembley - which is horrible looking when the second half restarts and everyone is still at the bar


Just had to beat Arsenal at that?


childish but great at the same time !!!

started out at 56K and redesigns and what not go up to 60k then redesigns in the stadium has it just over 62K now.

The single tier 17.5K stand behind one of the goals should be pretty good.


When is it due to open?


start of next season , although they will look to play the first 3 games away from home - think the world cup the season will start later and then there is a international break so there is an extra month built in there.

First NFL game is on in mid October.


Not watching it but …


Pulled one back. Disaster of a start