Champions' League 2017


As I said, you’re alright.




RTE and TV3 obviously don’t have rights on FA Cup coverage!


Long time at this stage , do keep up :roll_eyes:.
Oh…was that a joke …outstanding :rofl:


RTE still referring to Man United as United. SAD!!


Please stop , he wouldn’t get it anyway !


Have you not got a bebo page to keep updated?


Is this another joke :thinking: , think you should stick to the puns , more your level .


I tell you what. Why don’t we just ignore each other? I said you were alright, you gave the thumbs up and then you had another go.
Go back to facebook and find someone else to troll.


I’ve no problem with that .I posted something in jest but you replied with a smart ass comment & then when I posted the image , you still couldn’t let it go that you had missed the joke completely . Not my problem that you didn’t get it or when I replied you persisted because I showed you didn’t get it .
As I said , stick to the puns , they work quite well for you .


Your alter ego had a go at @Dub95’s humour. His humour gets a lot more approval than anything you’ve put up. So, if I was you, in any of your guises, I’d leave the “humour” to others.


Alter ego ? Not sure what your on about there .Anyway , stick the puns lad , they serve you well .


Just like to point out, I take great offence at the accusation that I’m the same person as @Unbelievable how dare you?



I hear you… I’d take great offence too.


:rofl: and yet you keep going on , sad tbh .Missed a joke & whinging on .


One of Real-PSG gone before QFs. United get jammy again, Spurs could take Juve and Chelsea well capable of taking Barca with only the UCL left for them. Five English clubs, Bayern, PSG and Roma in QFs … :wink:


I await your reaction when they show United Sevilla over PSG Real Madrid :grinning:


Handy one for city . I ll take Barca and juve over the London duo. Porto are seasoned European campaigners and Liverpool s back 5 are hopeless so that s 50-50 imho. Sevilla gone back a bit over the last year or two but they ll give utd a game.


Is it an open draw then for the Q finals?