Champions' League 2017


It certainly makes the last game a lot more interesting!


Big time ! I thought it was more straightforward than I first calculated :drooling_face:


You lose your first 14 league games of the season… not a bad way to earn your first point in the 15th game…


Man U v CSKA Moscow - TV3
Liverpool v Spartak Moscow - RTE


Big , big night for Liverpool…


4-1 … City and Chelsea yet to feature on Irish tv … they appear to be concentrating on teams that will go out in last 16


This is Man U Liverpool country :kissing:


'Pool 1 up already .


3 nil . Will it finish that way though .


There’s 6 if they want them. City 2 down which confirmed for me that Mangala started.


Interesting Pep gave Phil Foden a run out , supposed to be good player.


7.0 , topped off by Salah , could be their year.


Mayo have a better chance of NFL/All-Ireland Double Glory in 2018 than Liverpool have of winning the Champions’ League.


Whooosssh :rofl:


A bit late for that, given that it’s early December.


It’s ok , I allow that it went over your head !


You’re alright… nothing went over my head.


As I said , it’s fine , your sarcasm detector was probably set to pun at the time .


And yours was set to non-existent.


Ya seem a little rattled , you ok , it was joke you didn’t get , we move on .