Champions' League 2017


They’re in a bit of a bind because Spartak need to win their next game to qualify second , and it’s against Liverpool . Even if Liverpool won the group they’d probably come up against a second placed team who were actually better than them .


Well they did beat them in the final 2 years later !


True. Their Shakesperean dying act. Can we say Burlesconi ruined that club? Silvio’s mother said…


My young lad skipped up the stairs to bed all happy at half time. I’ll have to make sure I’m gone to work before he wakes, he’ll be balling his eyes out when he hears the result…In fairness to Seville, they could’ve driven a bus through Pools defence in 2nd half…


Luckily I sent one of mine up too even though he was begging me to stay up. All I could hear as he thumped his way up the stairs was ‘it’s not fair. I’m 23.’ You’d want to start acting it then I shouted after him. And he would.


It’s amazing that Liverpool either can’t attract or invest in a new defence & keeper .Look at the difference in City since they bought Ederson & Kyle Walker . Stones is improving too .Now , they don’t have the spending power of City obviously but the scouting there must be cat . Liverpool’s forward options are very good in Salah , Mane , Firminho & Coutinho . But you move back & the quality drops off big time .
Somebody needs to sit down with Klopp & try & sort out that mess .Liverpool are no Real Madrid of old were you’ll score & well just score more .


That reminds me of Ireland. Well half of it does.


Too much money spent on firepower up front. Haven’t invested since Hyypia and Henchoz…


Brother is a 'pool fan , used to call him “Hollowman” .Think it was in reference to the amount of hand balls he used to get away with :joy:


Just looking back to the '05 final , that was some AC Milan team

On paper they should have walloped Liverpool
What an epic loss that was .


Barca juve tonight . Hopefully the dunph is told to stay at home so as not to ruin our enjoyment. Buffon and barzaghi apparently skipped juve s weekend game as they were too distraught re Italy s wc failure. Lightweights. Someone should have told them Paul Clarke lined out for Whitehall the day after playing against Meath in the final game of the 91 saga.


Just heard there that head to head & not goal difference counts for qualification . So Liverpool could actually be knocked out if they lose to Spartak .


Heard that alright.


Another hiding for Celtic here . Anderlecht drawing with Bayern will not be good for them going into the last game .


Celtic ouch


Lucky for them Bayern won .
Anderlecht have have to win by at least 5 goals at Celtic Park to qualify for the Europa League .


If they win by 2 it makes them level with Celtic on goal difference.


It’s head-to-head, isn’t it? So Anderlecht need to win by three goals, if so.


Yes , your both correct , I didn’t take into account Anderlechts - goal difference decreasing if they scored !


You better hope they don t bring the away goals and points scored rule into the aul gah so.