Champions' League 2017


He said Ramos is a great player in the preview, a few years ago Ramos was a Spanish Paul mc shane according to the great spoofer. Don t mind spoofers unless we re paying them a few hundred grand a year.


Up for debate if that was onside , will make a game out of it .


Good game.


It is , real look a bit below par . Be a few more goals in second half neither defence would inspire confidence.


Brutal stuff from Real there .


Real defence woeful …


Spurs running riot here , all not well with Real .




Zidane be getting his p45


Hamilton must be commentating blindfolded - error after error. More goals here for Spurs but they are starting to sit back … very dangerous …


Delighted rte showed that tonight :clap::clap::clap:


Napoli and Man City served up another cracker.


Not really in the Cantona bracket, but…


Seville v Liverpool Tuesday
Juve v Barca Wednesday :drooling_face:


Still no sign of the most entertaining team in the EPL … joke …


Ah I don t know some of Liverpool s attempts at defending are fairly entertaining.


Who will ever forget 2005. Liverpool … 0-3 down to AC Milan and getting played off the park. Half time couldn’t come quick enough - get off the pitch and maybe not come back. Then … wham! Unbelievable comeback to tie the game at 3-3!!

Incredible. We’ll never see anything like that again from a Liverpool team …


Liverpool never fail to make a bollix of things :rofl::rofl:. I’d say they’d put years on their supporters !


They do. 27 and counting. ACM have never recovered from that travesty of a collapse.


So many poor players Lovren, Moreno , any of the keepers . They be better not progressing ,which they will cause they re gonna get hammered by someone half decent.