Champions' League 2017


I remember reading a good few years ago that clubs in Italy are very often split between socialist fans and fascist fans.


Racism is endemic in Italy. This is all nothing new


I think both Rome clubs fall into the fascist band.


Most Ultra groups tend to lean towards the fascist side.


Probably some connection with toothpaste


They’re not very Bright though …


They do have a lot of fascist sympathisers but they are far from the worst. Check out Hellas Verona. They’re by far the most fascist leaning bunch of supporters in Italy and possibly Europe


Man Utd v Benfica on TV3 tonight.
Spurs v Real Madrid on RTE 2 tomorrow .

RTE must have read the emails from the Spurs fans over the last week or so :laughing:




I’m gonna boycott Spurs-Real in solidarity with the Catalans.

United are on tonight apparently because it’s Hallowe’en and they are a horror show to watch …


Roma Chelsea is the match if the game at Stamford bridge a few weeks ago is anything to go by.


Was a great game last time out , defences took the evening off .


Vincent’s would’ve bate the pick of them


Conte under pressure now. Had indicated he would like to return to Italy. Will likely get his wish sooner than he expected


Nice of Perotti to check for prostrate after El Sharaawy’s second goal


Nice to see Chelsea getting stuffed.


Nice to see Dunphy eating crow about his earlier opinions on Ronaldo . Hopefully this is a good game .


Dunphy on rte full of uninsightful shite as usual. Brady not much better. Soccer must have the worse pundits , even worse than brolly Spillane . Dunphy is really stealing a living on rte . Throws out stuff you hear down the boozer.


Didi knows what he’s talking about .


Was just looking at Dunphy there and thinking what a spoofer … then I saw this thread.