Champions' League 2017


Keep it up old timer , you embarrassed yourself when you started all this calling someone a lounge boy & then telling them to go ■■■■ themselves .
Yes , that was you ! You’d think your generation would have more cop on , obviously not …


Do you ever stop no? :smile: Sad …


Hey you know the saying , " they go low , I go lower " .Don’t worry though , I’ll be on hand to show up when you throw out the auld “jibe” or two .


Wow … my very own stalker …

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Just ignore me in the future & you’ll be fine .Do you want me to give you a tutorial or will the ecdl course be OK for ya .I heard they are very useful for your age group .


I support Spurs so would be mailing them to ask why they did show the Liverpool match on Tuesday Gone.
However i have wasted enough of my time on this thread so wont be able to email them.


Best of luck with that .


How come people say ‘United’ when there’s so many Utds, and then don’t say ‘Pool’? I think there’s only two Pools. No doubt you’ll say FU to my MU but it always bugs me alot to see and hear that term of reference.
In any case my interest in top level soccer outside Ireland has reached its lowest level ever sad to say but the international team does really provide great consolation partly because of the very limitations that others deride.
I see alot not to be admired about the top clubs in Europe, that some great football just cannot hide, and in the EPL that goes to another level given the lack of ability to beat the top rivals in Europe.


For the purpose of this conversation of the 6 British teams in the CL - i used united as there are two Manchester teams and the other 4 teams don’t have a united in their team names.


Fair(s Cup) enough! United we stand, Shiteh we fall.


I think you might see some progress on that stage this year . I could see City taking out a top team this year . Wouldn’t surprise me if Spurs , Chelsea or MAN UTD did either .Not sold on Liverpool .


I’ve found myself hoping that all EPL sides get beaten by other Euro sides for the last 5-10 years. Nowadays though I see little to admire in any top European club one way or another. Barcelona played some great ball for many years going way back, ManC have done recently, LPool too, and ManU did so under Ferguson. RM and BM too except when JM was in charge of RM.

But the rest of the circus leaves me cold. The Championship is real top level English league football for me because it’s a league most clubs can win, and it still caters mostly for the ordinary fans etc.


I’d agree with that .Every year it is very competitive .The playoffs also throw up lots of drama .


Liver and Black? Hardly, sorry, Hertle.


Hartle, you’re right. And of course, Dubh Linn


Hartlepool alas a non-league club now …


Jeff Stelling’s club.


Fresh controversies overshadow Anne Frank tributes in Italy
Really nasty undercurrent of fascism in italian society not just their football.


Lazio have always had the shadow of fascism. Di Canio declared himself as a fascist not a racist a good few years back


I think that kind of fascist label can be applied to most big Italian clubs, albeit that Lazio seems to be the worst. AC Milan always seemed to me to be immune from it. I could well be wrong on that.