Champions' League 2017


You do pick and choose what to reply to, blatantly ignoring other valid points. Irish football fans are much more interested in watching English teams from the comfort of their armchairs, it seams, than watching Irish teams. And even if limiting their viewing to watching it on TV, they’re much more interested in two certain clubs than watching quality. If you want to watch quality football on TV right now, watch Man City. That bit of realism may not go downoo well with a lot of people. It’s akin to a GAA fan choosing to watch Donegal play rather than Dublin, purely out of hatred of Dublin.


Thanks for that. And Celtic’s figures, while you’re at it?


If you don’t like what’s on show , switch the channel .The only incident I brought up where the game might be better to watch was the real game .I have rte , tv3 , BT sports & sky .I have the choice to pick what match I’ll watch .


That was the first mention of Celtic having less support than previously - dwindling in other words - brought up by you, but you are not able to substantiate that in any way other than you think so yourself.

But sure do the normal there revert to the hilarious ageist jibes and don’t deal with the fact that nearly every post you have put here is contradictory or has no base in fact. I am not even arguing with you - just pointing out that much of what you are saying is simply not the case. @Bosco and @beeko also having great difficulty with your posts so it’s not just me. I’m not sure they drink Ovaltine though.

Nice link there - so why did they show Real instead of Liverpool? Oh yeah … better football …


Good for you. Not everyone has that level of choice. I know I’d have much preferred to watch Man City on Tuesday night than anyone else. And, to be honest, I hate the fact that City are probably flouting the financial fair-play rules. That said, they are fantastic to watch.


Great with a few measures of Bailey’s.


I’ll back up unbelievable a little bit, with some totally anecdotal evidence, as someone younger than most of you, I can tell you, neither I nor any other football fans my age that I know give a toss about Celtic, but we all would support an English team. So just in my experience I can see where he’s coming from when he says support for Celtic is dwindling.

As for the rest of the argument, I’m not getting involved :joy: Trying to decipher logic from RTE and TV3 will drive you insane, neither channel have shown much logic ever.


Back in the day… coaching kids at nursery football and hurling…

“What’s your name?”, I’d ask.
“Ryan,” would be the reply sometimes.
“Does your Da support Man Utd?” I’d then ask.

Next kid…

“What’s your name?”, I’d ask.
“Jamie,” would be this kid’s reply.
“Does your Da support Liverpool?” would be my next question.
“Yes,” would be his reply.


Ha , if I remember correctly you were the first one to bring in age regarding when we chatted before , you remember that hilarious lounge boy comment :joy:. Yep , that was you who brought that up first .So , I’m just responding in like , but I would never tell someone to go ■■■■ themselves .Oh yeah , that was you as well , reverting to type indeed .


And again, you choose VERY carefully to what you reply.


The old crew just don’t get it I’m afraid :joy:


No Ovaltine for me thanks.

@Unbelievable you have made a point that the better game was shown when they showed Madrid V Dortmund ahead of the Liverpool game on one of the nights

But your also saying that the reason they showed the Liverpool game on Tuesday over the better quality games that night is because that’s a bigger audience puller.

So if Liverpool is the audience puller surely they would have ditched Madrid and Dortmund - considering the Liverpool game on that night was against better opposition than a team no one has heard of.


If you want a broader choice of matches you have to pay for it , simple as that . I get rte / tv3 through the aerial .BT sports because I’m paying for Eircom , its part of their package .The rest , I stream .All very easy to do once you have the know how .
And yes , I agree , there are times when I wanted to watch other matches .That’s why I went out & figured how to do it .


You need to let it go son … you need to let it go … :smile::smile::smile:


Why don’t you go off then & email tv3 why they didn’t show the Liverpool match . I was certainly surprised by it at the time but looking at the fixtures I know now .


As long as you keep bringing it up I’ll keep reminding you of it , enjoy the cat nap :wink:


I think you all need to accept that none of you are right, there is no logic, and both stations are run by total eejits. You’s are giving them far too much credit when you assume there is some sort of logic or formula behind how they pick the games. Probably pick them out of a hat and all :roll_eyes:


Paying a licence fee to RTE as well as having to endure ads on both channels ought to be enough to get a less narrow spectrum than what RTE and TV3 each offer. I can understand the majority of games being shown to include Man Utd and Liverpool but to blatantly ignore quality ALL of the time is baffling.


Seriously lad what age are you?

Tip from an older person … Stop embarrassing yourself.


Well , thats the way it is unfortunately.