Champions' League 2017


… and maybe back in the day for the two Lancashire clubs, also. One of them will have gone 28 years without a league title, come May.


Yup , they are catering to the old timers like dub09 who still live in the past off all those European cup glories .Tbf to Liverpool they have won the Uefa cup & champions league in the last 20 & lost two other finals too .


Chelsea have achieved a lot more in Europe and England in that time.


Man City in domestic terms too …


Lot more in Europe ? They’ve won the same as Liverpool in the last 20 years .If you equate qualifying for the cl as success , fair enough . Can’t argue Chelsea have achieved more in the EPL , with the backing of Roman .


Back in the day , you know , like when Leeds might have actually been relevent .Yes , they did have more support in the past. The kids now are supporting English teams now .The SPL is not attractive anymore since rangers were liquidated so its not a popular league to watch .


Kids always supported the English teams when I was growing up too. Have you any figures to back up Celtic’s dwindling support?


Have you any figures to say it isn’t dwindling ?


I didn’t make the claim - you did. Just asking where you got it. If you don’t have any basis for what you said that’s grand.


Do I need figures to back it up , you brought that up .Been a Celtic fan I know for a fact they do not have a support as big as they did in the past .Interest dried up in the last 5 years so less & less kids would be watching the spfl . In that time period the kids would have supported emerging teams like city .Why , because they won the league a couple of times .The same could be said of Chelsea in the last 20 years .Before that you would have had the old times who supported Chelsea when they were decent in the 70’s .
If went to a school & asked the kids who they support I’d be surprised if Celtic came up in the conversation compared to EPL teams .


Jesus, while Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd (and even Leicester City) have been winning EPL’s, some clubs have been celebrating finishing fourth in the EPL a lot more - some of these have had Fenway Group backing. Under Ranieri, Mourinho (first time around) and various other managers, Chelsea reached numerous semi-finals of the CL as well as getting beaten in a final by Man Utd. Chelsea and Man Utd between them have ensured that English Clubs retain four spots in the Champions League over the last 15 years.

The whole point is, is that no matter how relatively muck Man Utd and/or Liverpool are, RTE and TV3 will invariably choose to show them in the CL coverage purely to keep the masses happy and not in the interest of showing quality football.


Right so - in your in opinion but with no real proof at all. And I didn’t bring it up - but no matter.

So why do they still show Liverpool and not Chelsea … or even City?


Sorry are these your words in regards to figures ?


Ffs read the thread man. You are tripping yourself up at this stage. Go out for a walk. Grab a pint. Two even. Or eight.


Yes , their audience .


By the way, Chelsea have won each of the three major European trophies (including the now-defunct Cup-Winners’ Cup) in the last 20 years. Liverpool haven’t.


I’m sorry your having such a hard time to accept someone elses opinion .Maybe you should have a lie down , make yourself an Ovaltine.


Their Irish audience. And how many of these football fans go to watch Irish teams? And we wonder why football is crap in this country?


Who else’s audience would it be ?