Champions' League 2017


Yeah Maribor at home to Liverpool and a 7-0 slaughter is great entertainment and variety alright.

I don’t think anybody is assuming anything - just trying to get a handle on what rationale there is, if indeed any, of the CL coverage this year. Also noting that there has been just one deviation from EPL coverage so far …and none by RTE.


Yes,I certainly expected Liverpool to win 7.0 , made a tidy sum on that exact scoreline ! Makes no odds to me who they show as I don’t support any of those teams except Celtic . Maybe tv3 don’t play it as safe as rte but rte are banking on the EPL games because of the support in Ireland .


It’s generally the rule - however there are exceptions.
however when you follow up a decision not to show English teams one week (which is fair enough) , in favour of showing Real Madrid , surely you would revert to type and show an English team who is playing Real Madrid.


Just love to know why they show what they show. Each theory can be shot down by another. Maybe they pick them out of a hat.


We are three weeks in here .Does anybody know what fixtures exactly tv3 & rte showed each week for the last 3 weeks ?


United V Basel
Dortmund V Madrid
Mairbor V Liverpool

Liverpool V Sevilla
CSKA V United
Benficia V United


So it was one week were tv3 showed some other game but its been predominantly Liverpool & man u .What’s the big deal here then ?


Whats the rationale with not showing Liverpool one week and showing Real instead. No big deal just wondering. Also find it strange that they are showing the two poorest EPL teams.


It’s not a big deal - more of a comment to understand the logic.

TV3 decided not to show English teams on the second week as there was a better game on elsewhere - no problem with that
They then follow it up by showing an English team playing away against a brutal team which they hammer 7-0 - when there were 2 better ties involving the English teams - one being a glamour tie against Real Madrid


Real game was better . And your wondering why they are showing Liverpool & man utd almost every week .Two teams which probably have the biggest support going back decades . Spurs , City & Chelsea do not have the same interest here as those teams . Remember , its not kids / teenagers paying the license fee here .


Man Utd’s next game is at home to Benfica, on a Tuesday night. A win will see them though to the last 16. Their following game is away to Basel, three weeks later. Any reasonable logic will surely dictate that RTE DON’T show this game live?


See @Bosco 's excellent post above. I simply share his search for logic. If the Real game was ‘better’ why not show the better English teams too? Your own argument does not stack up. Why show Real one week while Liverpool are playing and then later show Liverpool v a crap Maribor side on the same night Real are playing Tottenham?


So by that logic how many Madrid or Dortmund fans paying the licence fee ?




I reckon an argument could be made for Celtic having a bigger support in Ireland than either Man Utd or Liverpool, yet we know which game RTE chose to show last night.


Hey… I did QUESTION it!!! :slight_smile:


Again its comical that people are losing their shit over one week where an English team aren’t shown. I used that comment to make a point , they showed Liverpool & man utd almost every week .For Liverpool & man utd fans . Who are paying the licence fee & thus these channels are showing games for their audience .


Maybe back in the day but not now a days .


I’ve explained this many times yet you keep missing the point …


It’s comical that you are suggesting that people are losing their shit here!? Huh???

@beeko @Bosco and myself are just wondering out loud the rationale or lack of it behind the match selection. Every post you make contradicts and actually underlines our confusion with this ‘rationale’ … And now Celtic have less support than ‘in the day’ … whenever that was.

I’d say you have arguments with yourself lad …