Challenge game


No cobwebs on you lads looking for challenge games already. What date does the league start


1St or 2ND week of Feb usually


Was 3rd week last year… 18th Feb last year iirc


Pitches, for now, should have a much firmer sod/lower water table after last summer and the relatively benign autumn and winter so far.


Brilliant very good, had to add a chapter :wink:


I was thinking that but what a great chapter to have to add!!


Ye man, be hard to top this if ever


First year reffing? Fair play, best of luck with it


Done the course 2 years ago have done some proper game and lots of challenge games but got dragged back into play with second team. Hung the boots up now so gonna get stuck in this year properly.


Peregrines div 5 team looking for challenge match v lower div 4 or div 6 team from last season for the 20th of Jan. Pm if interested cheers


St finians Newcastle afl 11 team looking for a challenge games Feb 3rd and Feb 10th against any div 10 or 11 team will travel, cheers


Any Division 8/10 team looking for a friendly next week?

Portobello GAA sussing out a challenge. Happy to travel/split a rented pitch cost.


Junior football team in Wicklow looking for challenge game against any team from Div 7 to 10. Have pitch with lights if anyone wants to come down for challenge over next two weeks.


Whereabouts in Wicklow are ye based? Peregrines division 9 team looking for challenge games so this could work


Afl 10 team looking for a challenge game Sunday week the 10th, have no access to a pitch but willing to travel.


Looking for a friendly v afl 10/11n team. Under lights on Tuesday night (12th feb)


champions league night find it hard getting lads out


Ye get someone council?


Thanks to rosmini for the challenge yesterday…good side I think will be there or thereabout in div 9


Looking for a ref for Sunday @ 11 in balheary. Anyone interested dm me?