Challenge game


Well they clearly don’t fit you but it’s up to you.


Are you calling me fat?


Only if you want me to


Cyber bully.


Great stuff I’ll get a ref and let county board know


Thanks for the game yesterday. Great run out to blow the cobwebs off ! Ref was excellent too !!


Anyone available for a friendly either this Sunday morning or next Tuesday evening? Portobello (Div 8) are willing to travel preferably staying south of the river :slight_smile: Ideally Div 7-9


Our AFL6 team looking for a challenge this Sunday. DM me if interested


St finians Newcastle looking for a challenge afl 11 team looking for a match Sunday against afl any afl 11 team, will travel


Naomh Barrog AFL 10 side looking for a friendly on Thursdsy 17th or next sunday 20th. Looking for Afl 10 or 11.


Finians Newcastle might be interested for next Thursday? Would ye be willing to travel?


Thanks chopper. Just making sure we have numbers for next Thursday. We wouldn’t mind traveling out to you. 7.30 throw in?


I hear starlights are looking for a game??




AFL10 team looking for challenge game for 27th January


Hi. Did you get sorted with a challenge match for this Sunday?


AFL 11S team looking for a challenge game.
Anyone in 10 or 11 fancies a game next weekend let me know!
I’m sure we could also do midweek if we can organise somewhere with lights!


Mate from a Kildare Club was looking for a challenge this weekend… They have Abbotstown booked on Sat at 11am, keen to get a game in. Junior team, AFL8/9 standard, they’ll cover the ref, if anyone is interested…


Short notice but AFL 10 team looking challenge Sunday 11th please


Colmcilles (afl 9) looking for a friendly this Sunday @ 11/12 in balheary…