Censuses and Dublin history


“A few years ago he was hit by a rumour that he had borrowed jokes from the late Tommy Cooper – one of his heroes – but was vindicated when it emerged that Cooper had been wrongly credited with jokes penned by Vine.”


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Cool - I think that one is a bit older though. Is Tim a member of The Vine Comedy …


Pretty sure Tim Vine wrote it but sure no matter…


To err is human … to forgive, Tim Vine …


And a (non-war ravaged) city doesn’t usually lose much population. So if Dublin had kept on growing gradually as you would expect, when the bigger migrations to the city happened it would have been on top of a bigger city already. Hence my estimate of about an extra half million.
Mind you, how a city’s population is measured is another factor. Dublins pop as far as I know includes much of the conurbation. Whereas for example Frankfurt in Germany, which is within a bigger conurbation than Dublin, does not include any of the conurbation in its pop. Which is given as only being about 700, 000


constaninople was also de-populated a few times through sieges and internal civil wars.

that reminds me i have a “not that many people know that” which i can post about that




That old chestnut!

Apparently the largest city in the world is now Chongqing (Chungking) in China. I would have been one of those kids who knew his capitals and that but I’d literally never heard of it before googling it.