Censuses and Dublin history




That means nothing to me …


No, was little more than a village 300 years ago when Barcelona was one of the great ports of Europe. A lot of the rivalry between the two cities is rooted in Madrid overtaking it in importance.


Most big cities of the time would have been coastal cities/ports. Paris may well have been tidal back then?


Found a bit of a cheat here!!! Madrid was bigger than Barca but not in worldwide top 10 I reckon. Naples definitely in there - nearly three times the size of Rome. Amsterdam another possibility.


I’d say given trade, Constantinople must have been thriving and one of the bigger cities of the world?


Very interesting. You can see the industrialised cities grow exponentially and new population centres taking shape (Manchester and Edinburgh jump into the mix for the first time, and Hamburg takes a leap forward) while the rate of increase slows down in old’ economies such as Amsterdam and Lisbon etc.




Yeah and some have just disappeared or reduced greatly over time. Once it became uncool to play the violin Cremona was always gonna struggle. Worms too not the best address to have and there was once a time when God loved a Trier.


That is hugely interesting. Amazing how populations moved, changed and fluctuated - especially the growth of America between 1800 and 1900


Funny how egocentric we have been in Europe. Asia has had some of the biggest cities on earth for aeons.


Looks like whoever wrote the book I read on 1798 was among those egocentrics! I’m guessing he meant Europe and added in Constantinople to get 7th. Still, it was a lot bigger in relative terms than I ever thought it was.

Mad that Venice was such an important city too. Went there for a weekend once but it was a disaster - all the streets were flooded.




Heard it disappeared after a round of Bob Martins.


May not have been considered as European.
Athens had a really small population (given how old a city it is) under Ottoman rule.


Only one USA city in the 2015 figures and no Chinese cities.


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